Cornyn Embraces Bush’s Plan For Iraq, Earlier Criticized Warner’s Same Proposal As ‘Curious’

H/T to Think Progress for pointing out once again what a hypocritical suck up John Cornyn is.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) has released a statement praising President Bush’s speech on Iraq last night, saying he is “pleased” that “troops will come home before the year’s end”:

Our commanding officer in Iraq, General Petraeus, […]

Bush Still In Denial, National Intelligence Estimate

Today, the National Intelligence Council released an unclassified summary of the most recent National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq. The report paints a grim picture of the political and security situation in Iraq and is at odds with the President’s assessment.

BossKitty says: Regardless of all the official and unofficial reports gushing in, […]

Gen.Pace May Urge U.S. Troop Cut In Iraq

The GOP wall of support for the Iraq War seems to be crumbling. Gen. Peter Pace has jumped on Sen. Warner’s band wagon to suggest that Bush withdraw the troop. If all of these GOP supporters had gotten on the bandwagon with the public and the Democrats months ago, we would have saved […]

Sen. Warner: Start bringing troops home by Christmas

You know Bush has to be spitting fire over this one. Weeks before the Iraq report is due, Sen. Warner tells the press about his meeting with Bush and wants Bush to announce a troop withdrawal. Let’s see if Bush makes the announcement.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — One of the Senate’s top Republicans has […]