Clinton Machine Point Fingers At Eachother

You know I don’t feel sorry for Hillary Clinton. No I’m not popping the Champaign cork, it’s too soon and that would be mean. I’ll wait until Super Tuesday. Clinton, her advisers, the MSM, pundits and the elite on both coasts called Clinton the nominee before all the candidates announced that they were […]

Amazing Iowa Caucus

Iowans are amazing. I am so proud of Iowans; they looked beyond the “racial divide” and showed everyone that the person matters. What an amazing statement. Yes I am still with John Edwards but last nights result show that we are ready for change, we do look past race and we don’t want […]

Iowa GOP Screws Up Caucus

As Iowans get ready to leave for their caucuses, the GOP seems to have screwed up yet again. Image the GOP screwing up on a presidential race. Apparently the Iowa state GOP chair changes several locations on December 27 leaving many Iowans wondering which way to point their car. They’re even […]

Nader Rails Against Clinton And Supports Edwards

I’m not a big fan of Ralph Nader but sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due. We all know Nader isn’t shy about speaking his mind and reminding us how corrupt our government is, and how both parties are slaves to corporate financing and interests, so yesterday in Iowa […]

John Edwards Pulls Ahead In Iowa

In the first survey released since the Christmas break, John Edwards has taken the lead in Iowa. According to Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, which conducted the survey, “Edwards has really moved up since our last poll. Obama and Clinton have each slipped a little bit.”

Edwards who is going against […]

Edwards Top Democratic Power Ranking Again

Below is a continuing project that the has taken on. It focuses on Iowa caucus goers in a manner that the MSM and national polls don’t. Not surprising John Edwards has taken first place again.

Over the past week, the Democratic race has become even more difficult to predict. Sen. Hillary Clinton […]

Blogs For John Edwards Dec 14

As we get closer to the first primary vote being cast, it has become very clear that the only way we change Washington and our failed system of government is to vote for a candidate that will make the changes we all seek. John Edwards continues to prove that he walks the talk […]

The Election According To The Des Moines Register

As the press continues to control elections The Des Moines Register felt compelled to print their criteria for kicking Dennis Kucinich from the today’s debate. I find these laughable for two reasons; 1) Kucinich met all of DMR requirements; 2) Alan Keyes was allowed to participate because he provided a lease to prove […]

Stand Up For Kucinich Against The Des Moines Register

Yesterday, I posted about the Des Moines Register kicking Dennis Kucinich out of the final debate in Iowa. While I support John Edwards, I find this a complete insult to all voters, supporters of Kucinich and Dennis himself.

It’s completely shocking to me that the Des Moines Register would kick Kucinich out […]

Kucinich Kicked From Last Iowa Debate

Today in Iowa, Dennis Kucinich was informed by the Des Moines Register that he will not be invited to attend the final Iowa debate before the caucus. Why you ask, because Dennis did not formally open an office with paid staff in Iowa. I fully understand that states want to get financial support […]