Texas Republicans Inspired By Bush Speech

You have to wonder if Republicans in Congress heard the same State of the Union speech as the rest of us did. Bush’s remix speech of past addresses seemed to please the republicans. They felt inspired, sentimental and happy that Bush proved that he was still commander in chief.

I particularly like the […]

Another GOP Plan To Screw Veterans

With all of Bush’s moaning and groaning about Congress not sending him the appropriations bill, you would think the republicans in Congress would encourage Bush not to veto the bill which has veterans affairs in it. The GOP continues to show its true colors in their neglect for veterans. Remember they do support […]

Who Is Responsibile To Texas Veterans: Doggett or Cornyn

Actual responses from Cornyn & Doggett:

Dear (BossKitty),

Thank you for contacting my offices. Your correspondence has been received, and we will respond to you as quickly as possible. A copy of your message is attached below for your records.

If you need immediate assistance regarding […]

Hutchison and Cornyn Favorite Word “NO”

The Texas twins are a true waste of space in the Senate. True to form, their never ending no votes against Americans continue. In 2008 we will have an opportunity to get rid of Cornyn and start putting the country back in the hands of the people and not the corporation, lobbyist or […]

Cornyn and Hutchinson: NO To Clean Energy

Below are recent votes from the House and Senate. True to form Cornyn and Hutchinson hate the world. They are, their own special interest group. On a positive note my congressman, Lloyd Doggett never let’s me down with his vote.

Recent Senate Votes:

CLEAN Energy Act of 2007 – […]

Both Sides Now: Impeach The Bastard – Immigration

Bush’s Push on Immigration Tests His Base

By JIM RUTENBERG and CARL HULSE, New York Times , June 3, 2007

Postings on conservative Web sites this week have gone so far as to call for Mr. Bush’s impeachment, and usually friendly radio hosts, commentators and Congressional allies are warning that […]

Texas GOP In Congress Must Go

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that every single Texas Republican in both houses voted No on the Iraq bill (Vote Smart). The Representatives followed John Cornyn, the White House mouth piece and Kay Bailey Hutchinson the GOP loyalist, down “President Incompetent’s” failed path. Their loyalty to the GOP will fail them in 2008.

Currently, […]