FLU PANDEMIC – Stay Home or Go To Work Sick?

When tiny terrorists come knocking, can you afford to stay home when you get the flu? Do you have insurance? Is you job secure? Is your boss sympathetic to the larger picture of workplace health and it’s effect on PUBLIC HEALTH? The United States is talking about declaring a Public Health Emergency … […]

Hostages of America’s Mental Health Crisis – Op-Ed


The headlines scream “Hostage Crisis” when they should be screaming “Mental Health Crisis”. What we are witnessing is the meltdown of Mental Health Systems in America. A leaky, ineffective mental health system turns the disturbed and anguished onto an unsuspecting, negligent public.

“I need to speak to Hillary Clinton,” […]

Immigration Paperwork Meltdown Impacts Election

Naturalization paperwork jam hits Texas hard Backlog may keep some from casting votes for president

WASHINGTON — Millions of people who applied for naturalization and other immigration benefits to beat a midsummer fee increase are caught in a paperwork pileup that threatens the chance for some to become U.S. citizens in time […]

The GOP’s VA And HHS Appropriations Stalling

We are all aware that the GOP has done more to stall, hold up and filibuster every bill in both chambers of Congress. Hence, this tactic, which is continually overlooked but the media, gives most Americans the clear impression that Congress is doing nothing. So let’s step back and take a look at […]

Another GOP Plan To Screw Veterans

With all of Bush’s moaning and groaning about Congress not sending him the appropriations bill, you would think the republicans in Congress would encourage Bush not to veto the bill which has veterans affairs in it. The GOP continues to show its true colors in their neglect for veterans. Remember they do support […]

How Influential Is The Surgeon General? Really!


Lexington Herald-Leader Staff writers Karla Ward and Barbara Isaacs and researcher Linda Niemi contributed to this article.

The nomination of University of Kentucky professor Dr. James W. Holsinger as U.S. surgeon general has come under fire from groups that fear his […]