CPAC Fans Fuse of Hatred – Seeks Civil War

Hard Core Republicans have slid into a desperation that has embraced the Hate Group mentality. […]

H.R. 1585 Hate Crime Bill Married To Iraqi War Funding – No Joke

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress has dropped legislation that would have expanded hate crime laws to include attacks on gays after it became clear the measure wouldn’t pass the House, aides said Thursday.

Legislation expanding hate crime laws to attacks on gays died in the House Thursday.

National Defense Appropriations Act, H.R. 1585, […]

Senate Expands Federal Hate Crimes Bill

Finally the Senate did something without having a filibuster.

The U.S. Senate has passed the expanded Federal Hate Crime Bill by a vote of 60-39. The bill expands the hate crime laws to include crimes motivated by: gender; sexual orientation; and disability.