Wall Streets Not Happy With Iowa Winners

After last nights big upset in both parties, it’s not surprising that Wall Street doesn’t like what they see; after all Obama and Huckabee where not the choice of the power brokers. These guys had their wallets on Clinton and Giuliani. Actually I can give a crap what Wall Street thinks they are […]

The GOP’s Focus On Clinton And Roe v. Wade

The GOP party and the candidates seem to be very obsessed and focused on who will beat Hillary Clinton and reversing Roe v. Wade. It’s not surprising that GOP supporters are not happy with their field since they are focused on only two issues. The candidates seem to be out of touch with […]

Texas Gov.Rick Perry Endorses Giuliani

If anyone believes that Rick Perry’s endorsement of Rudy is a win for the conservative right has no clue of Perry’s ambitions. Perry would love to be picked for vice president. By endorsing Rudy, Perry is pinning his hopes on Giuliani becoming GOP nominee.

Should Perry get the V.P. spot Americans would have […]

Christian Conservatives Plan To Derail Giuliani

In yet another chapter of the Christian coalition’s never ending bullying of politics and politicians, they are threatening to put up a third party candidate if Giuliani gets the GOP nomination. The charge is being lead by none other than Dr. James Dobson who is opposed to Rudy’s position on abortion. Dodson and […]

Former Sen. Sam Nunn For President???

Here’s an interesting election tidbit that I missed on the MSM. But, that’s ok the MSM misses most of the relevant stories. Apparently former Senator Sam Nunn (D) of Georgia is thinking about running in the 2008 presidential election; no not as a democrat but as a third party candidate. In the article, […]

Guiliani Leads GOP

In a recent CNN/Opinion Poll Giuliani seems to be leading the GOP candidates. That’s pretty sad considering Giuliani only has one day in his political career to stand on, 9/11. It’s interesting that prior to that day, anyone west of NYC probably couldn’t tell you who the mayor was, but GOP supporters have […]

Election Videos Get Attention

Below are some campaign videos that have been getting a lot of attention. None of these videos are endorsed by any of the candidates, they are all independent productions. Enjoy.

Debate ’08: Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl


Hot For Hillary


I Got A Crush On OBama


I put […]

Can A Knight Be President????

Here’s a question for you. Remember when Rudy G. was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, he was a private citizen then but now he’s gong public again. So…..

…..I started to think about the Constitution, you know that document that doesn’t matter anymore. Well here’s the deal Article 1 Section9 of the U.S. Constitution […]

The GOP Debate..Same Old White Guys

Last night I watch the GOP debate, yeah watched it. Basically they stink and not just because they are republicans. I notice several very annoying things:

1) They are all men (where is there inclusiveness);

2) They are all white (I know they have a few Blacks and Hispanics);

3) They are all […]

GOP To Americans, Your Safe!!!

Have you just about had enough of Bush and the GOP crap line about how safe they’ve made us? So, Rudy, the republicans are in charge, try to spin that! The GOP and the Bush administration have said, ad nauseam, “if we don’t fight them there, we will be fighting the […]