Houston Elects Openly Gay Mayor Annise Parker

Finally Texans got it right. Houston the nations fourth largest city has elected Annise Parker as their next Mayor in a run off race with Gene Locke. Hopefully this will wake the rest of the state up that Texans are moving away from the Rick Perry George Bush bubba politics.

Electing Parker says […]

California Legalizes Gay Marriage

Its’ about freaking time that gay couples are allowed to marry. It’s unfortunate that religious groups and activist groups plan on fighting the decision. And of course John Cornyn (R.Texas) believes that there needs to be a national ban on gay marriages.

First a word from the out of touch:


Open Letter from Barack Obama to the LGBT Community

H/T The Bilerico Project

[Editor’s note:] The following letter was released by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to GLBT Americans. This letter follows the announcement that the Obama campaign will be taking out full page ads in GLBT newspapers in Ohio and Texas beginning Friday. Read Obama’s previous Bilerico guest post A Call […]

H.R. 1585 Hate Crime Bill Married To Iraqi War Funding – No Joke

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress has dropped legislation that would have expanded hate crime laws to include attacks on gays after it became clear the measure wouldn’t pass the House, aides said Thursday.

Legislation expanding hate crime laws to attacks on gays died in the House Thursday.

National Defense Appropriations Act, H.R. 1585, […]

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Blast Church For Homophobic Attitude

You don’t have to bend your brain to understand why Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Below is from Archbishop Tutu’s recent BBC Radio interview which will air on November 27.

South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu has criticised the Anglican Church and its leadership for its attitudes towards homosexuality.


The Next GOP Senators Out Of The Closet

Who will be the next GOP hypocrite kicked out of the closet. Many already know who the two drag queens are in the photo.

H/T Pensito Review

In the wake of closeted Sen. Larry Craig’s self-outing in an airport men’s room this summer, Mike Rogers, the Washington-based publisher of blogActive who outed […]

Bush Brain, CIA, Russia, The Zombie Effect, Private Parts

Is Russia Researching Mind Control? ‘Psychotronic’ Weapons Could Be in our Future

“Major-general of the reserve of the Russian Federal Custodial Service Boris Ratnikov tells that Russia and other countries work on making special devices that turn humans into zombies.”

Soviet military researched and tested so-called “psychotronic weapons,” which supposedly make their […]

Former Sen. Sam Nunn For President???

Here’s an interesting election tidbit that I missed on the MSM. But, that’s ok the MSM misses most of the relevant stories. Apparently former Senator Sam Nunn (D) of Georgia is thinking about running in the 2008 presidential election; no not as a democrat but as a third party candidate. In the article, […]

Fred Thompson Just Another Bush

For the last seven years we have lived under a divisive, delusional and less than truthful president. So why in the world would we even be interested in the likes of Fred Thompson?

DES MOINES, Iowa (CNN) Likely Republican White House hopeful Fred Thompson told CNN Friday that he would push for a […]

Russian Gays Face Tough Road Toward Equality

Most Seem to Favor Low-Key Approach Over Confrontational One

By Anton Troianovski Special to The Washington Post Saturday, August 11, 2007

… with a small gay rights movement taking shape amid a more frank pop culture, gays are struggling with altogether different questions. Should they openly confront what […]