$200 OIL The Final Straw – Dust Off Your Bicycle

… the more that talk of an “oil bubble” is replaced by a sullen consensus that prices are headed straight to the moon, the more likely it is we’ll get a major correction. Unfortunately, the main catalyst for this drop will likely be global economic collapse. […]

The Real Co$t Of The Last $even+ Year$

Wall Street, Iraq and the Declining Dollar

In February of this year, Rep. Henry Waxman’s Committee on Oversight and Government Reform revealed fresh details of how the Coalition Provisional Authority dumped $12 billion in cash–in $100 bills–into Iraq in 2004. Multiple flights of huge C-130 transport planes were required to deliver 363 […]

Bush: ‘What exactly did I say?… I said, deadline?’

Thanks to Mark Silva of The Chicago Tribune Washington Bureau The Swamp

TIRANA, Albania – President Bush, making an historic and effusively praised appearance today in this former communist nation where no sitting American president has been seen before, pledged commitment to Albania’s admission to the expanding North Atlantic Treaty […]

Bush: The Weapon of Mass Destruction

As Bush swaggers his way to the G8 Summit, he has managed in a few short days to escalate the hostility that’s growing between him and Putin. Bush espousing that Putin is destroying democracy. Excuse me but let’s not forget that Bush has destroyed freedom and democracy in America. Our civil liberties have […]

Bush Versus G8 Climate Change

Today Bush said that action needs to be taken against the biggest greenhouse emitter…….hmmmm that would be us. I smell a rat. Bush doesn’t give in so let’s follow the path.

Bush announcement today:

The US would also cut tariff barriers to sharing environmental technology, Mr Bush said. The president was speaking […]