Fred Thompson Drops Out…Finally

Well here’s a news shock, Fred Thompson has finally decided to throw in the towel. I actually can’t believe he got in the race to begin with. Fred, the new best friend of the remaining GOP candidates will want his 8 delegates. I’m sure Fred will now get the attention he was looking […]

Fred Thompson Surges….Backwards

I suppose going backwards is something lazy Fred can be proud of. I mean he has nothing else to show for his meager campaign appearances. Never mind that you have to wake him up to answers questions. Thompson who surprisingly came in third in Iowa, left New Hampshire in sixth place is currently […]

Fred Thompson; The Lazy Boy Candidate

Fred Thompson is missing in action this weekend in New Hampshire. What’s up with this guy? He cancels last Thursday for a Friday morning breakfast with a New Hampshire mayor and guests because of scheduling conflicts. This scheduling conflict must be huge since it canceled his entire weekend trip to N.H.

I looked […]

Fred Thompson Still Clueless And Uninformed

It’s sad, that the GOP hoped and prayed that Fred Thompson would get in the race. Obviously the GOP was more impressed with having another actor run for president, than someone who knows what’s going on.

In another moment of being out of touch with the world, Fred has stated that Saddam had […]

Fred Thompson: The Clueless Candidate

It would appear the Fred Thompson is clueless of the world around him. When he’s asked about events involving the environment, social issues, the judicial system or the war, his answers “I was unaware of that.” Not only is he unaware of events but Thompson seem to make statements that are not close […]

GOP: The Exclusive White Club

Another debate another snubbing, the GOP front runners seem to think it’s beneath them to attend minority debates or forums. This time they have turned their backs on a debate by PBS at Morgan State University, a historical black college.

So far the GOP candidates have managed to thumb their nose at the […]

Fred Thompson: Dissent makes US ‘weak,’ carries ‘heavy price’

Just what we need another authoritarian who wants to be president. It appears that Thompson will continue down the failed and destructive path of the Bush administration. Anyone who votes for this out of step fool needs to have their head examined.

The GOP is so desperate for a candidate they are hanging […]

Fred Thompson Just Another Bush

For the last seven years we have lived under a divisive, delusional and less than truthful president. So why in the world would we even be interested in the likes of Fred Thompson?

DES MOINES, Iowa (CNN) Likely Republican White House hopeful Fred Thompson told CNN Friday that he would push for a […]

Fred Thompson Clone of Bush/Cheney

Fred Thompson a member of the Advisory Committee for the Libby Legal Defense Trust appears to be a continuation of the Bush/Cheney house of horrors.

Just think of how much fun we’ll have with four years of Thompson and his who’s who list of war criminals, liars and idiots.

George […]