Sen. Bill Nelson Makes False Statement To DNC Committee

It should not come as a shock to anyone that politicians make statements that are usually without exaggeration, full facts or sometimes having any truth attached. But today takes the cake for false statements. This morning, in an effort to get the Florida delegation counted and seated at the convention, Sen. Bill Nelson […]

Clinton Breaks Pledge And Heads To Florida

Hillary Clinton along with all the other Democratic candidates pledged not to campaign in Florida, however Hillary will appear in Florida on Tuesday. How can anyone trust or believe what Clinton says. It’s obvious that Hillary doesn’t play or obey the same rules everyone else does.

The Nation:

Hillary Clinton has decided to […]

Clinton Trying To Break Party Rules….Again

Hillary Clinton, who has been touting change and wanting to move in a different direction than Bush, seems to have a Bush affliction for breaking the rules. Clinton, who earlier in the year went against party rules by not requesting her name be removed from the Michigan ballot, now wants those stripped delegates […]

Judge Allows Dems to Penalize Florida

Well Florida should be very happy with their bone head plan to move their primary to January in violation of DNC rules. The lawsuit against the DNC was filed by Sen. Bill Nelson and it appears that the Florida judge believes in the Constitution; that pesky piece paper. Florida may now be headed […]

Democrats Strip Michigan of Delegates

VIENNA, Va. (AP) — Democratic leaders voted Saturday to strip Michigan of all its delegates to the national convention next year as punishment for scheduling an early presidential primary in violation of party rules.

In spite of the vote, some party leaders and officials said they believed the delegates […]

Florida Democrats In Bed With The GOP

I decided to do a follow up on the recent Florida screw up of loosing their delegates and their sleeper convention this past weekend. While I was doing some research, I got distracted going down rabbit holes trying to find out about the Florida Democratic Party Chair, Karen Thurman. I was stunned to […]

Florida “The Screw Up State”

You really have to wonder how many times a presidential election is going to be plagued with problems from Florida. You would think that the current upset in the Sunshine State was the brain storm of Karl Rove. No not this time, I think?

Florida Democratic Chair Karen L. Thurman, many be […]