Sen. Bill Nelson Makes False Statement To DNC Committee

It should not come as a shock to anyone that politicians make statements that are usually without exaggeration, full facts or sometimes having any truth attached. But today takes the cake for false statements. This morning, in an effort to get the Florida delegation counted and seated at the convention, Sen. Bill Nelson […]

Florida “No” To Primary Re-Vote Plan

Today, another chapter has been added to the never ending saga of the Florida primary; “no to a re-vote.” Florida has achieved its goal of having a prominent role in the primaries; the perpetual headache of presidential campaigns. I too have my concerns about a mail-in vote and possible fraud; however, with all […]

Florida Democrats In Bed With The GOP

I decided to do a follow up on the recent Florida screw up of loosing their delegates and their sleeper convention this past weekend. While I was doing some research, I got distracted going down rabbit holes trying to find out about the Florida Democratic Party Chair, Karen Thurman. I was stunned to […]