21st Century FBI: An Embarrassment to Justice J. Edgar Would be Proud of

by Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire With images of dictatorial crackdown filling the internet media machine, it’s an opportune time for the American citizenry to re-examine our own nation’s vast security apparatus. While reflecting on our country’s many dark connections to Mubarak and numerous other dictators, let us also reflect on […]

Your Tax Dollars Purchased iPods, Internet Dating, Women’s Lingerie…

Most Americans are scrapping to get by, however, some federal employees are having tons of fun with government credit cards, spending our tax dollars. Money that was suppose to be spent on infrastructure, education and homeland security, government employees thought that buying womans’ lingerie, internet dating, computers and iPods was more important.

While […]

Alphonso Jackson’s Resignation; More Bush Corruption

Hilarious, that HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson states he is resigning for family reasons. I guess “family reasons” is the code word for Bush administration corruption. Jackson’s exact words:

“There comes a time when one must attend more diligently to personal and family matters. Now is such a time for me.”

To me […]

FBI Phone Lines Cut; Critical Surveillance Missed

I’ve come to the conclusion that there will never be a department in the Bush administration that can function properly. No I’m not slow; I came to that conclusion when Bush was governor of Texas. Incompetence is a joy that Bush has now bestowed on all Americans. However, I can still be surprised […]

War On Terror And Drugs Contradict Each Other, Makes More Enemies

Haji Bashaar Noorzai is an ally the USA double crossed after making empty promises then arrested. Haji Bashar Noorzai, the burly, bearded leader of one of Afghanistan’s largest and most troublesome tribes, was not on a mission to case New York City for a terrorist attack. On the contrary, Noorzai, a […]

H.R. 1955: Another Reason For Paranoia



H.R.1955 Title: To prevent homegrown terrorism, and for other purposes. Sponsor: Rep Harman, Jane [CA-36] (introduced 4/19/2007) Cosponsors (14) Latest Major Action: 10/24/2007 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Received in the Senate and Read twice […]

Blackwater Will Get An Immunity Deal

You really have to wonder who’s in charge of the asylum this week. Condi who insists she can’t get rid of Blackwater because she needs them. Condi assigns a State Department team to investigate Blackwater screw ups and low and behold the same people who work for Condi have given her pet boys […]

Change Wikipedia And Your Busted

The Facts

Thanks to an ingenious new tool designed by a Caltech graduate student, Virgil Griffith, it is now possible to figure out who has been rewriting Wikipedia entries to promote their ideological or commercial interests, or simply for personal amusement. Griffith’s Wikiscanner tool allows readers to match changes in Wikipedia to […]

Provisions of Patriot Act Unconstitutional

Finally a judge has ruled on what many Americans have known for some time, that the FBI’s national security letters are a violation of the Constitution.

A federal judge today struck down portions of the USA Patriot Act as unconstitutional, ordering the FBI to stop issuing “national security letters” that secretly demand customer […]

More Proof Of Cover Up and Reprisal In US Military

Whistleblowers on Fraud Facing Penalties

One after another, the men and women who have stepped forward to report corruption in the massive effort to rebuild Iraq have been vilified, fired and demoted. Or worse.

For daring to report illegal arms sales, Navy veteran Donald Vance says he was imprisoned by the American military […]