Cheney’s Oil Based Economics Takes No Prisoners

Cheney: No bailouts, no tax hikes…more oil

The vice president wields considerable power on economic policy. In a Fortune exclusive, the free-market fan weighs in on the credit crisis and his biggest fear. more

• Cheney’s brain trust

• Dick Cheney does the economy

Vice […]

VA Caught Being Sleazy – But Bush Profiteer Buddies Walk

Top VA Officials Plotted to Indict Vet in Violation of Federal VA Rules [Credit to Michael Leon at MAL Contends]

Madison, Wisconsin—The Bush administration has refused to prosecute even one case of contractor fraud despite the multi-billion-dollar swindling and war-profiteering scandals in Iraq, but pursues a vigorous enterprise to marginalize, investigate, and […]

Hammered Taxpayers Still Paying For No-Bid Contracts

Federal No-Bid Contracts On Rise

Use of Favored Firms A Common ShortcutUnder pressure from the White House and Congress to deliver a long-delayed plan last year, officials at the Department of Homeland Security‘s counter-narcotics office took a shortcut that has become common at federal agencies: They hired help through a no-bid contract. […]