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Vote, The Future Depends On It….Just Ask Olivia

You can see the video without clicking “Olivia’s message for you” clicking that will personalize the message through your Facebook profile.

America: A Spectator Sport or Soap Opera

The world wonders what kind of change Obama really intends. Will he be able to really control so many “Clintonistas” in his cabinet? […]

Frank Corte, Jr Proposes Christian Dominionist Theocracy For Texas

Dominionists appear to get pleasure out of torturing people who believe or think for themselves … THAT is sick! Making the choice for abortion is a traumatic event to begin with. That choice is never made lightly. Do NOT allow this disgusting measure become a real bill. […]

The Transition Is More Than A Bedroom Tour

“Preemption, rather than reaction” summarizes the Bush doctrine which congealed in the wake of a conservative and national backlash against the weakening of the United State’s power and security in the world. […]

Election Updates – Watch The Fat-Lady Sing

live election coverage from multiple sources […]

Joe Biden A Real Vice President

McCain Palin Troopergate Stonewall Is Bush Cheney 2.0

As I suspected in a recent post about Troopergate being stonewalled and the McCain team stating “they are not involved,” that is a lie. McCain and Palin want everyone to believe they are all about change, shaking up Washington, standing against corruption. However, they have started their campaign with lies cover-ups and keeping […]

Community Organizers Disgusted With Palin’s Remark

I watched Sarah Palin’s speech and I could not help wondering, what in the heck is she doing belittling community organizers? Is she out of her freaking mind! Palin, exhibited callous, out of touch Republican sarcasm, by smacking down Americans. Is this what Palin and McCain mean by “Country First?” A country for […]

Vetting We Don’t Need No Stinking Vetting:Palin Faced Recall As Mayor

I am completely convinced that McCain did very little if any vetting of Sarah Palin. Without having a full staff or the FBI at my disposal for research, I mange to find a 1997 Sarah Palin political problem. It appears that when Palin was the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska citizens where asking for […]

Sarah Palin On The Issues

Now that we have gotten past who is Sarah Palin, let’s look at where Palin stands on the issues. I know it’s long but we have a lot to learn in a very short amount of time. Here’s what the national media has told us so far. Palin is conservative, Evangelical Christian (not […]