The Election According To The Des Moines Register

As the press continues to control elections The Des Moines Register felt compelled to print their criteria for kicking Dennis Kucinich from the today’s debate. I find these laughable for two reasons; 1) Kucinich met all of DMR requirements; 2) Alan Keyes was allowed to participate because he provided a lease to prove […]

Stand Up For Kucinich Against The Des Moines Register

Yesterday, I posted about the Des Moines Register kicking Dennis Kucinich out of the final debate in Iowa. While I support John Edwards, I find this a complete insult to all voters, supporters of Kucinich and Dennis himself.

It’s completely shocking to me that the Des Moines Register would kick Kucinich out […]

Kucinich Kicked From Last Iowa Debate

Today in Iowa, Dennis Kucinich was informed by the Des Moines Register that he will not be invited to attend the final Iowa debate before the caucus. Why you ask, because Dennis did not formally open an office with paid staff in Iowa. I fully understand that states want to get financial support […]