NBC Out Of Control With Kucinich Appeal

In the never ending quest for the MSM to control presidential elections, NBC is now appealing a judges ruling which allows Dennis Kucinich to participate in tonight’s Nevada debate. NBC/MSNBC’s behavior in this election is completely out of control, they should be more concerned with their overpaid talking heads burring candidates and naming […]

Michigan’s Uncommitted/Kucinich Could Help Obama and Edwards

In Michigan, democrats have a very short ballot in today’s primary, which could help Dennis Kucinich. Yes that’s right Kucinich could be Hillary’s nightmare in the motor state. When Michigan decided to move their primary from Feb 9 to Jan 15, it caused a backlash from both the RNC and the DNC. However, […]

Edwards Tops Iowa Independent Democratic Power Rankings

It’s interesting that the MSM and many voters believe that John Edwards is consistently in third place. Thanks goodness the Iowa voters don’t listen to the MSM and the third place believers. John Edwards has scored first place by Iowa voter.

From Chris Martyn at Iowa Independent

As the January 3 Iowa caucuses […]

The Media Ignores Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul … OpEd

Is their message too logical? Does the idea of busting the K Street gangsters scare corporations? These two are images of Elliot Ness stalking the gangsters. Focused, unwavering and serious about what they are about. They are about the Constitution and human dignity. They are about equitable treatment of individuals and countries. They […]

Why Not Dennis Kucinich?

I have been very quiet on my blog regarding support for any presidential candidate, although at times, I have been critical of the first tier candidates. However, I have come to the realization that if we want real change in this country, it needs to happen during the primaries and not the general […]