Election Postmortem: A Picture of Dorian Gray

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

It is said that insanity is repeating a failed strategy in the expectation of one day getting a different result. Because that never happens, the nation is nuts! Just enough people always vote against their own interests to guarantee that wealth will continue to ‘trickle up’, that […]

Is the economy doing better or worse under the Obama Administration? The Short Answer is “Better.”

by Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

While President Obama has only served two years as the head of the Executive Branch, he has managed to accomplish quite a few things. Among my favorites is how Obama created over 3.3 million jobs with the stimulus spending, thus avoiding a national economic crisis. To […]

Vote, The Future Depends On It….Just Ask Olivia

You can see the video without clicking “Olivia’s message for you” clicking that will personalize the message through your Facebook profile.

Michele Bachmann, GOP Hatemonger Up For Re-Election

Michele M. Bachmann’s (R-MN) recent appearance on Hardball was not only unbelievable, but is reprehensible. Bachmann’s spouts continuous lies about Obama and Ayres relationship, anti American views, who is pro- American verses who isn’t. Bachmann is a shinning example of GOP lies, smears, scare tactics.

Bachmann stated that Americans are wild about this […]

John McCain And House GOP Blow Up Bailout Agreement

John McCain’s rush to Washington to save our economy has only caused delay and damaged the bailout. A bailout agreement was on the table before McCain landed and when the maverick arrived on Capitol Hill he managed to slam dunk it into the trash. What a maverick.

As McCain traveled to Washington, he […]

Joe Biden A Real Vice President

Obama Accepts Nomination

Obama’s speech was truly amazing and he takes the gloves off. For everyone who doesn’t know who Obama is this speech will bring it home. For me, I got who this man is in 2004, when I heard him speak at the Democratic Convention.

The speech is worth every minute so kick back […]

Al Gore Convention Speech

Al Gore, for me he is the Big Dog.

Hillary Clinton’s Motion To Nominate Obama By Acclamation

As the state roll call moved along in alphabetical order, New Mexico yielded to Illinois (who should have gone last), Illinois yielded to New York and Hillary Clinton appeared announcing a motion to nominate Obama by acclamation.

Hillary Clinton’s Convention Speech Home Run

The speech Hillary gave Tuesday evening was not just a home run, it was an out of the park grand slam. Hillary rallied all Democrats to unite and to elect Obama.

Great speech!