GOP Delegates Explain Small Town Values

Finally Republicans explain exactly what “small town values” are.

Clinton Delegate Flips To John McCain And Misquotes Susan B. Anthony

Let me start this out by saying that I had publicly supported Edwards and I was disappointed when he dropped out. So it’s not shocking to me that some Hillary Clinton supporters are still angry, nor is it shocking that not all of them are on board with supporting Obama. What is shocking, […]

Sen. Bill Nelson Makes False Statement To DNC Committee

It should not come as a shock to anyone that politicians make statements that are usually without exaggeration, full facts or sometimes having any truth attached. But today takes the cake for false statements. This morning, in an effort to get the Florida delegation counted and seated at the convention, Sen. Bill Nelson […]

It’s Great To Be A Democrat In Texas

Yesterday was an amazing experience at the Bastrop County Convention, Senatorial District 18 (SD18) and a great to be a democrat in Texas. I was actually surprised at the organization, participation and enthusiasm. Everything was handled efficiently, all rules were followed and every single delegate knew what they were doing and what was […]

New Poll:Superdelegate Win For Clinton Unfair To Voters

In a recent USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, voters are voicing their irritation with the possibility of superdelegates overriding their vote in favor of Hillary Clinton.

WASHINGTON — A majority of Democratic voters say it would be unfair for Hillary Rodham Clinton to win the presidential nomination through the support of “super delegates” if […]

Make It So! A Clinton-Obama ticket?

Those immortal words on the bridge of the starship Enterprise, Captain Jean-Luc Picard sets in motion some bold strategy or desperate gamble. N.Y. Senator Hints On The Early Show Of Possibly Sharing Democratic Ticket With Obama

WASHINGTON (AP) – Hillary Rodham Clinton is hinting at the possibility of sharing the Democratic presidential […]

Nancy Pelosi: Superdelegates Don’t Overrule The Voters

In a recent interview Nancy Pelosi gave a warning to the superdelegates “do not to override the voters’ wishes.” Apparently Pelosi is listening to the voters and is aware of the problems the superdelegates can cause. After all, we can equal the override of the superdelegates to Al Gore winning the popular vote […]

Clinton Trying To Break Party Rules….Again

Hillary Clinton, who has been touting change and wanting to move in a different direction than Bush, seems to have a Bush affliction for breaking the rules. Clinton, who earlier in the year went against party rules by not requesting her name be removed from the Michigan ballot, now wants those stripped delegates […]

Voters, Pledged Delegates and Super Delegates

Recently, I find my self explaining the election process and I’m amazed at how many people really don’t understand how a candidate gets the party nomination via the primaries and conventions. The democrats and the republicans have a similar process but for now we will focus on the democrats.

It shouldn’t come as […]

Michigan’s Uncommitted/Kucinich Could Help Obama and Edwards

In Michigan, democrats have a very short ballot in today’s primary, which could help Dennis Kucinich. Yes that’s right Kucinich could be Hillary’s nightmare in the motor state. When Michigan decided to move their primary from Feb 9 to Jan 15, it caused a backlash from both the RNC and the DNC. However, […]