McCain Team Attack Gwen IfIll On VP Debate

Now that Sarah Palin has shown us, in her own words, that she is a dunce. Team McCain is calling fowl on the vice presidential debate moderator Gwen Ifill. Team McCain has decided that Gwen Ifill will be biased because she is writing a book about African – American Politicians. A book the […]

NBC Out Of Control With Kucinich Appeal

In the never ending quest for the MSM to control presidential elections, NBC is now appealing a judges ruling which allows Dennis Kucinich to participate in tonight’s Nevada debate. NBC/MSNBC’s behavior in this election is completely out of control, they should be more concerned with their overpaid talking heads burring candidates and naming […]

Republicans and Democrats Really Debate In New Hampshire

All the candidates on All the issues

Republican presidential primary: , , , , , Democratic presidential primary: , , ,

The New Hampshire Republican debate, on ABC, was a sleeper. The only fun was when McCain and Romney took the gloves off about immigration … the best […]

Kucinich Kicked From Last Iowa Debate

Today in Iowa, Dennis Kucinich was informed by the Des Moines Register that he will not be invited to attend the final Iowa debate before the caucus. Why you ask, because Dennis did not formally open an office with paid staff in Iowa. I fully understand that states want to get financial support […]

Hillary Clinton And CNN “Clinton News Network”

I didn’t watch the Republican CNN debates but I did catch the sound bites on the Hillary Clinton’s plant of Retired Brig. Gen. Keith Kerr. Clinton‘s team has now stooped to a new low of inserting herself, via proxy, into a forum that she wasn’t even invited to.

Not surprising that CNN a/k/a […]

Bloggers Will Expose Wolfe Blitzer’s Debate Sham

Below is a letter I sent to CNN via their web page. I also sent it to the media outlets listed below.

The CNN Democratic Debate from Las Vegas was a sham. It was blatantly obvious during the debate that Wolfe Blitzer was protecting Hillary Clinton. Blitzer did nothing to control the […]

Clinton And Her Gender Card Distraction

In the days since the democrat debate, we have all been overwhelmed with Hillary Clinton is being ganged up on. Personally, I am tired of the two edged sword for Hillary by her campaign and her supporters. Clinton who wants to continually tell us that she is strong and can handle everything that […]

Democrat Debate Review

Well another debate where the moderators focusing their attention on Hillary, the elephant in the room. I appeared to me that Tim Russert was so focused on Clinton that he forgot to bring enough questions for everyone else. For all the anticipation and hype about Obama being more aggressive with Clinton, he seemed […]

GOP: The Exclusive White Club

Another debate another snubbing, the GOP front runners seem to think it’s beneath them to attend minority debates or forums. This time they have turned their backs on a debate by PBS at Morgan State University, a historical black college.

So far the GOP candidates have managed to thumb their nose at the […]

Democrats Debate LGBT Issues

Well here’s an interesting debate forum. LOGO and Human Rights Campaign will host the democrats in a debate on LGBT issues on August 9, 2007 at 9:00pm EST.