McCain’s New FEC Violation: Asks Russia For Campaign Money

Today, team McCain accused Obama of illegal contributions, that’s right, mom and pop America made illegal contributions. However, Mr. Country First McCain feels it’s necessary to ask the Russian government for campaign contributions. McCain is no stranger to Federal Election Commission (FEC) violations. He obviously missed the part about “foreign nationals” being prohibited […]

Chiquita Banana funds terror according to lawsuit

Colombian families’ suit says Chiquita liable for torture, murder

NEW YORK (CNN) — A $7.86 billion lawsuit was filed Wednesday in New York on behalf of nearly 400 Colombian families who say Chiquita Brands International should be held responsible for the “torture and murder” of their loved ones.



When Judges Become Politicians Who Wins? DRUG LORDS

Judge Seamus McCaffery makes no bones about being a politician: He’s got a snazzy Web site, an unrelenting statewide travel schedule and more than $1 million in his campaign treasury. He’s also a judge. And the job he covets is an elected spot on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Experts believe it is all […]

Romney Fundraiser Indicted – Republican Crooks Allowed For A Price

Romney Fund-Raiser Resigns

AMES, Iowa–A top fund-raiser for Mitt Romney who was indicted this week in Maryland on a $32 million fraud scheme has resigned from his position with the campaign as a national finance committee co-chair, a spokesman for Mr. Romney said.


Democrats Embrace Bloggers

Democrats spar at blog gathering

Seven of the Democratic candidates for US president have fielded questions from more than 1,000 political bloggers at an annual convention in Chicago. Correspondents say the candidates’ presence reflects the growing influence of such bloggers, seen as a key resource by candidates. The candidates’ appearance at the YearlyKos […]

Your Endless Tax Dollars NOT At Work In Iraq

Bechtel’s Projects Lacking In Iraq Less Than Half Of Jobs Complete, Report Concludes

A government oversight agency has found that Bechtel National successfully completed less than half of the reconstruction jobs that the government hired it to perform in Iraq.

In a report released yesterday, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction […]

Military Contributions Supports Ron Paul

It’s interesting that the GOP continues to tell us that the withdrawal from Iraq is a slap in the face of the troops. Surprise the military isn’t contributing to the hawks.

In the recent 2nd Quarter report, Ron Paul, the staunchly anti-war GOP candidate is getting the most contributions from employees of the […]