That Awful Sucking Sound “We don’t know what we paid for” In Iraq

US paying allies to fight war in Iraq NEW DELHI: The tale of massive fraud and embezzlement of millions of dollars by the US military in its operations in Iraq continues. Testifying before the US Congress Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on 22 May, Mary Ugone, deputy inspector general of accounts […]

US Contractor Implicated In Albania Explosions

“There is a colossal, crazy amount of it dating back to 1945.”

Military experts were disposing of old shells at the time of the blasts.

They were reported to be being assisted by employees of a US company contracted by Nato to help the Albanian army dispose of surplus munitions. […]

$736 million Baghdad Embassy A Fire Risk

The firefighting system in the massive $736 million embassy complex in Baghdad has potential safety problems that top U.S. officials dismissed in their rush to declare construction largely completed by the end of last year, according to internal State Department documents, e-mails and interviews.

Some officials assert that in the push to […]

$1B In Military Equipment Missing In Iraq

No more money for Iraq! PERIOD! No more money for the Pentagon! No more money for the contractors! No more money for Bush! No More Money for anyone!

We have given money hand over fist with disastrous results and zero accountability. And, as tax payers we have received nothing but continued lies and […]

Rules for Private Armies in Iraq … Sure

The U.S. Departments of State and Defense have agreed to a new system of rules designed to increase control over private security contractors working in Iraq.

The two U.S. agencies with key roles in Iraq sought a “common understanding of how and when force, and particularly deadly force, […]

2.5 Million Immigration Applications vs. Unhappy Processors



Immigration Contractor Trims Wages

Workers who help process millions of visa and citizenship applications for a federal immigration agency are getting pay reductions just as the agency is facing an enormous surge in those applications.

The workers whose wage rate will be cut […]

Army Procurement Melts Under Close Scrutiny

The Army’s top procurement official, Claude M. Bolton Jr., resigned yesterday after six years on the job.

Bolton, a retired Air Force major general, will step down as assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, logistics and technology on Jan. 2. Bolton, a retired Air Force major general, will step down as […]

Pentagon Threat – No Strings On Funding Or Else

Pentagon Warns of Civilian Layoffs If Congress Delays War Funding Democrats Are Firm on Link to Troop Withdrawals From Iraq

By Jonathan Weisman and Ann Scott Tyson Washington Post

The Defense Department warned yesterday that as many as 200,000 contractors and civilian employees will begin receiving layoff warnings by Christmas […]

Weapons Industry Favors Hillary Clinton

Considering Hillary Clinton’s a hawk, it’s not surprising that Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop-Grumman, General Dynamics and Raytheon are donating to Clinton more than any candidate in either party. It only makes sense that the military complex sees huge page checks and more contracts if Hillary is in the White House. Obviously the weapons […]

George ‘WALL’ Bush Builds Legacy With Concrete and Chain Link


Walls are everywhere in Baghdad, put up by U.S. forces to offer a degree of security to hard-pressed residents. But do they merely perpetuate divisions? Critics argue the walls divide communities, stifle economic activity, imprison residents and only widen the sectarian rifts that remain […]