Where Is Our Commander In Chief – Where Is Putin

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin described Georgia’s actions as “complete genocide”. Putin also said Georgia had effectively lost the right to rule the breakaway province – an indication Moscow could be preparing to fulfill South Ossetians’ wish to be absorbed into Russia.

Russia also laid much of the responsibility for ending the fighting on […]

If Not Edwards, Then Who Will Obama Choose

Edwards rules out vice presidential run with Obama

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former presidential contender John Edwards said on Friday he would not be Democratic front-runner Barack Obama‘s running mate, but did not rule out taking a role in an Obama administration.

“Won’t happen,” Edwards told NBC’s “Today” program when asked if […]

Clinton Papers Reveal “No” Commander In Chief Test

It’s come to the point in this primary season when I really need some questions answered, or at least statements clarified. I’ve voted in many presidential primaries and general elections, I’ve seen mud slinging, heard more lies than I can count. But, I don’t recall any candidate, republican or democrat, having to pass […]