Answer That Question Republicans!

Listening to these Sunday morning political talk shows until I want to PUKE! Republicans want to “balance the budget”. They refuse to answer the questions about slashing Social Security, Medicare, and Health Care and UNEMPLOYMENT! They package all of these programs as “ENTITLEMENTS”. They want EVERYBODY to be responsible. Boy, that sounds good. […]

It’s Not About Wall Street…Stupid

I really don’t know if I am tired of every one throwing amount the wrong term “bailout” or the Americas stupidity on how the economy works. While many believe that the bailout is about Wall Street the true fact is this is a “credit market” crisis. Which is a far cry from the […]

Hillary Clinton And CNN “Clinton News Network”

I didn’t watch the Republican CNN debates but I did catch the sound bites on the Hillary Clinton’s plant of Retired Brig. Gen. Keith Kerr. Clinton‘s team has now stooped to a new low of inserting herself, via proxy, into a forum that she wasn’t even invited to.

Not surprising that CNN a/k/a […]

Bloggers Will Expose Wolfe Blitzer’s Debate Sham

Below is a letter I sent to CNN via their web page. I also sent it to the media outlets listed below.

The CNN Democratic Debate from Las Vegas was a sham. It was blatantly obvious during the debate that Wolfe Blitzer was protecting Hillary Clinton. Blitzer did nothing to control the […]

Hillary’s Two Faces Of The Surge

There are things about all of the 2008 presidential candidates that I don’t agree with or just flat irritate me. But, Hilary Clinton takes the prize. At forums, debates and whatever microphone opportunity she can get, Hillary is very good about tell all the other candidates how to say things. I guess she’s […]

Priceless Quotes From GOP Debate

(CNN Political Ticker) – Several Republican presidential candidates distanced themselves from President Bush’s foreign policy doctrine, and questioned the role of Vice President Cheney, during Sunday morning’s nationally-televised debate.

The foreign policy comments came in response to a question during on President Bush’s second term goal of spreading democracy and ending tyranny, […]

CNN Debate Review

I loved the format. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but then neither were the candidates. The format was such a refreshing break from the same old journalist prepared questions. It put real citizen in the debate. I felt it made the candidates answer a bit more honestly. I hope this format continues.