Dodd Endorses Obama

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Christopher Dodd endorsed one-time presidential rival Barack Obama on Tuesday and said it is time for Democrats to join forces to defeat the Republicans in the fall campaign.

“I don’t want a campaign that is divisive here, and there’s a danger in that,” Dodd said, although […]

Edwards Tops Iowa Independent Democratic Power Rankings

It’s interesting that the MSM and many voters believe that John Edwards is consistently in third place. Thanks goodness the Iowa voters don’t listen to the MSM and the third place believers. John Edwards has scored first place by Iowa voter.

From Chris Martyn at Iowa Independent

As the January 3 Iowa caucuses […]

International Association of Fire Fighters Endorses Chris Dodd

It appears that there are many voters out there who are able to see beyond the bloated media hype of the first tier canadidates. Chis Dodd has been endorsed by the powerful International Association of Fire Fighters.

With any luck, as the public stands up and voices their support for non first tier […]