The Pentagon Propaganda Puppets

In a stunning 11 page article, David Barstow of the NYTimes exposes generals who were and still are the Pentagon’s propaganda puppets for the Iraq war and threats by Iran. These so called expert military analysts appeared on all the major networks, cable news and radio promoting a positive message for the Pentagon […]

FEMA Protects Itself, But Not Evacuees – Taxpayers Can Vomit Now

(CBS) There are still 50,000 families along the Gulf Coast living in travel trailers given to them by FEMA. Six months ago we began investigating reports of toxic formaldehyde fumes making some of those people sick. And as Chief Investigative Reporter Armen Keteyian reports, FEMA has done more to cover their own backs […]

CBS Fires Gen.Batiste

Yesterday CBS fired Gen. Batiste over his VoteVets.Org ad. Are you outraged? I am. Batiste was fired for speaking against the Bush administration on the war. Batiste was hired by CBS for his military knowledge and experience. But I guess they just wanted him to sit there and just shake his head in […]