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California Legalizes Gay Marriage

Its’ about freaking time that gay couples are allowed to marry. It’s unfortunate that religious groups and activist groups plan on fighting the decision. And of course John Cornyn (R.Texas) believes that there needs to be a national ban on gay marriages.

First a word from the out of touch:


4th Amendment Dismissed In California – US Constitution Unravels

Justices uphold welfare home searches

The ACLU had challenged a San Diego County policy, saying its warrantless inspections violated privacy rights. The Supreme Court refuses to hear it.


Giuliani And The GOP Trying To Rig California Elections

Once again the GOP has put the wheels on what was thought to be their broken efforts to redefine California election from winner take all to a district voting win. In a previous post, I wrote how the The Electoral College votes in California would be divided by Congressional districts, instead of counting […]

Edwards Wins California Straw Poll

San Mateo County Democratic Party hosted the California Straw Poll on October 21st and they have declared John Edwards the winner. Interesting how the MSM doesn’t bother to cover polls when Clinton is behind.

Overall Results Votes cast: 761   Vote Count Percentage JOHN EDWARDS 221 29.0% DENNIS KUCINICH 180 23.6% BARACK OBAMA […]

A California picture – Make My Day

If this isn’t a “make my day” picture …

Arnie must be thinking “No, you won’t be back”.

GOP Plan To Steal California In 2008

The GOP has conjured up another scheme, rig the Electoral College to steal the 2008 presidential election. It appears that they are going to screw around with how the electoral votes are counted, or should I say divided. That’s right divide. The Electoral College votes in California would be divided by Congressional districts, […]