The GOP’s Focus On Clinton And Roe v. Wade

The GOP party and the candidates seem to be very obsessed and focused on who will beat Hillary Clinton and reversing Roe v. Wade. It’s not surprising that GOP supporters are not happy with their field since they are focused on only two issues. The candidates seem to be out of touch with […]

Brownback Expected To Drop Out Of Presidential Race

Not surprising that Brownback will announce his withdrawal from the GOP race, he’s below the radar in the polls and his funding is anemic. Brownback is the third GOP candidate to drop out of the race before the first primary vote is cast. Fred Thompson should be the next candidate on the list […]

Republicans Showing Reason? – Oh My!

I have to give the Right Wing Blog “ToTheRight.Org“, credit for recognizing a threat and exposing it.

Sam Brownback Campaign Denies The Holocaust

When we first took U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback and his campaign blogger to task earlier this week, his supporters came back with a strange response about preaching and getting […]