A Pox on NASCAR Fans

The juvenile actions of this NASCAR audience, convinces me that they have no idea what a real patriotic American is. If NASCAR audiences think they are “Red Blooded Patriotic ‘Mericans”, think again. The President and Vice President of the United States of America and their First Ladies are a respected part of this […]

NEW White House Website

The NEW White House website was up and running the second Obama was sworn in. The section below is from the White House blog with the goal of hearing from us. Unbelievable a White House that actually gives a crap what we have to say.

Change has come to WhiteHouse.gov

Welcome to the […]

Joe Biden On Negative Attacks

McCain Team Attack Gwen IfIll On VP Debate

Now that Sarah Palin has shown us, in her own words, that she is a dunce. Team McCain is calling fowl on the vice presidential debate moderator Gwen Ifill. Team McCain has decided that Gwen Ifill will be biased because she is writing a book about African – American Politicians. A book the […]

John McCain The Economic Buffoon

John McCain the man who in December 2007, said “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should,” McCain said. “I’ve got Greenspan’s book.” McCain tapped his good friend Phil Gramm to help with his economic shortcomings. In July Gramm made the following statment about the economy;

“We […]

Joe Biden A Real Vice President

Biden: Impeachment if Bush bombs Iran

In a recent visit to New Hampshire, Joe Biden told the audience that if Bush bombs Iran he will move to impeach Bush. This could possibly happen since Bush and Cheney will probable ignore the impeachment threat from Biden. After all they have ignored everything that Congress tells them and the […]

GOP Candidates Really Do Hate Veterans

Does it really shock anyone that the GOP presidential candidates are cold hearted, live in a parallel universe and are hypocrites? The GOP labeled anyone opposing Bush’s war as unpatriotic and sent troops to their death or to be maimed and suffer PTSD. And, while the GOP continually shouts that they support the […]

Edwards Tops Iowa Independent Democratic Power Rankings

It’s interesting that the MSM and many voters believe that John Edwards is consistently in third place. Thanks goodness the Iowa voters don’t listen to the MSM and the third place believers. John Edwards has scored first place by Iowa voter.

From Chris Martyn at Iowa Independent

As the January 3 Iowa caucuses […]

Democrat Debate Review

Well another debate where the moderators focusing their attention on Hillary, the elephant in the room. I appeared to me that Tim Russert was so focused on Clinton that he forgot to bring enough questions for everyone else. For all the anticipation and hype about Obama being more aggressive with Clinton, he seemed […]