Iraqi Security Forces Mutiny, Give Weapons Away

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi government announced Sunday that it had dismissed 1,300 soldiers and policemen for refusing to fight or performing badly during last month’s offensive against Shiite militias in the southern city of Basra. Maj. Gen. Abdul-Kareem Khalaf, an Interior Ministry spokesman, said that 500 soldiers and 421 policemen were fired in […]

Broken Iraqi Soldiers – Broken American Soldiers

Thanks To You: Karin Brulliard, Washington Post Staff Writer for bringing this to America’s attention. I have paraphrased her article and added my own comments to this sad state of affairs. Of Iraq’s 120,000 soldiers, advancing to the front lines of the war, more are being wounded. But, because there are no Iraqi […]

Hey! Let’s Outsource the President!

Today’s New York Times front page article pleads for someone with brains.

Stephen J. Hadley, President Bush’s national security adviser, is in the market for someone who “has Star Power” — with the hope of saving Iraq.

“Mr. Hadley is interviewing candidates, including military generals, for a new high-profile […]

Bush And The GOP Reality Spin

Bush and the GOP have once again put a spin on reality. Bush stated that Blair pulling out of Iraq is a sign if progress. A lie that I’m sure the right wing is fully supporting. The announcement of a surge hasn’t stopped or slowed the bombings or the death toll of Americans […]