H.R. 5843: Are Americans Responsible Adults, Try H.R. 5842

If Big Pharma can find a way to profit from these bills, they would pass in a heartbeat. Government Agencies from Federal down to your local Sheriff consider “Marijuana Busts” their bread and butter. Lotsa mileage from little effort. Yes, there is a LOT of money to be made while Marijuana stays illegal. […]

Barney Frank Endorses Hillary Clinton

Recently, Barney Frank has gone off the deep end with his decisions on bills and the presidential campaign. Frank’s recent mortgage bill helps the banks far more than homeowners, his half asses ENDA bill excluded the most important segment of the GLB”T” community and now Frank has endorsed (s)Hillary. As each day goes […]

Barney Frank Pimping For Big Banks

h/t to McBlogger for a fine post on how Barney Frank has co supported bill that will make sure there isn’t anyone to keep the banks honest. And, take away the safety net that consumers have with mortgage brokers and keeping the market competitive.

Why is Barney Frank pimping for big banks?

This […]