US Contractor Implicated In Albania Explosions

“There is a colossal, crazy amount of it dating back to 1945.”

Military experts were disposing of old shells at the time of the blasts.

They were reported to be being assisted by employees of a US company contracted by Nato to help the Albanian army dispose of surplus munitions. […]

Tom Tancredo Wants To Attack Mecca and Medina

GOP candidate Tom Tancredo is just as crazy as John McCain. Remember how McCain sang bomb Iran, well Tancredo isn’t singing he’s spouting words of bombing Mecca or Medina, because it would deter somebody from attacking us. Are these GOP candidates freaking crazy? Are they trying to start a world war? Granted Tancredo […]

Bush: ‘What exactly did I say?… I said, deadline?’

Thanks to Mark Silva of The Chicago Tribune Washington Bureau The Swamp

TIRANA, Albania – President Bush, making an historic and effusively praised appearance today in this former communist nation where no sitting American president has been seen before, pledged commitment to Albania’s admission to the expanding North Atlantic Treaty […]