Ted Stevens Guilty Of Corruption

Ted Stevens was found guilty of corruption, what a shock. Did Stevens actually believe the jury would buy his “I wasn’t aware of” story? Obviously not since he was found guilt on all seven charges.

Surprisingly Stevens is still on the ballot in Alaska in a tight race. Alaskans should send a very […]

Palin’s Ethics Problems Keep Growing

When Troopergate went national, the McCain Palin team were against The Alaskan Legislative Counsel conducting the investigation. Palin continued to state the investigation should be handled by the Personnel Board. Well, McCain and Palin got their wish, the Personnel Board will investigate Troopergate. Be prepared for another Palin spin on this one. Since […]

Palin;Troopergate Report Vindicates Me

I’m not sure how Palin can state to Alaska reporters that the Troopergate report vindicates her. I guess Palin missed the part where she violated ethics laws. I had a few thoughts; Palin, like George Bush, lives in a parallel universe; Palin doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong; and she never […]

Troopergate Findings: Gov. Sarah Palin Abused Her Power

Sarah Palin who has portrayed herself as honest, different from the same old Washington politics, has once again lied. Not only did Palin abuse her power as governor, she violated public trust, an ethics violation. Palin sounds like Bush.

In a previous post, Alaskan State Senator Hollis French stated:

“Now she could face […]

Alaskans Rally To Recall Gov. Sarah Palin

You’ve got to love Alaskans. In a previous post I hailed Alaskans for planning an Alaskans For Truth rally to hold Sarah Palin accountable and to keep her word for a transparent government. Well they did it yesterday and 1,000 showed up in support of the truth and to expose the continual lies […]

McCain Palin Troopergate Stonewall Is Bush Cheney 2.0

As I suspected in a recent post about Troopergate being stonewalled and the McCain team stating “they are not involved,” that is a lie. McCain and Palin want everyone to believe they are all about change, shaking up Washington, standing against corruption. However, they have started their campaign with lies cover-ups and keeping […]

Palin Same Old GOP Corruption, Troopergate Stonewalled

Sarah Palin has been portraying herself as an outsider, a person who wants transparency, someone who will shake up Washington. Think again. As Palin and McCain tour the country in the “bullshit express,” Alaskans are dealing with Palin’s lawyer and Washington tactics to stall and bury troopergate. Boy that’s a change from the […]

FBI Raids Senator Ted Stevens Home

Do the scandals ever stop? It doesn’t matter if they’re a democrat or a republican; the simple fact is politicians are completely out of control.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Agents from the FBI and Internal Revenue Service on Monday searched the home of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, an official said.

Investigators arrived […]