Bailout Wall Street, Locate Homeless Shelter and Keep Selling Weapons

Business as usual for US arms sales By Frida Berrigan

The chief executive officer of a weapons manufacturer has plenty of chances to rub elbows with deputy secretaries of defense, officials from Homeland Security, retired military personnel, and the best and brightest of the defense establishment almost any week of the year.


It’s All About the Oil, Stupid!

For anyone who thinks that the war in Iraq war and the Bush regime’s future war in Iran, has anything to do with humanity and the removal of brutal dictators or weapons of mass destruction, have to be the delusional.

In the run up to the Iraq war, when Bush was espousing […]

GOP let the budget get out of control, says Greenspan

Greenspan says GOP “deserved to lose”

By William Neikirk

Alan Greenspan’s new memoir is tough on Republicans and President Bush and it could be turned into a campaign manifesto for Democrats in certain respects.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the former Federal Reserve chairman writes that the GOP deserved to lose […]