I’m NYTexan, my liberal blog focuses on national and Texas politics, Useless wars…Iraq and Afghanistan, political corruption, scandals (some days I can’t keep up with them), veterans issues, the environment and what ever else pops in my head.

I started thinking about a blog after the 2006 elections. I didn’t want the events of November to just be a fluke. America was finally waking up to the reality of the Bush administration and the war. The neo-cons and religious right had high jacked the country and I’d had enough.

I encourage comments from all sides. I will not edit any comments. They post as you have written them. However, your comments will be deleted for the following reason only: I will not tolerate racism on any level especially the use of the “N” word. By the way this statement was up long before Imus.

I was born and raised in The Bronx, New York. I’ve spent most of my adult life in Texas. Hence my nickname nytexan.

Things I miss: Real NY Pizza
Things that scare me: People who are ill informed
Occupation: I work in the legal field.

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Location: Central Texas because of the air quality and the crayola box of weird people. CV: 20 Years at NASA, 11 Years at the Treasury, 3 Years USCGR, 3 Years NBC affiliate photographer, eternal dabbler in Art, Poetry & Music – Oh yeah, wannabe shadetree psychologist.  Finally retired, look out blog world …

Why I’m here: The catharsis of sharing what I’ve learned and observed. I am a concept person who sees patterns in everything. The patterns in small inanimate things and in biological things are surprisingly similar. What appears to be bizarre to others often have simple explanations. A population of conscious and unconscious travelers move alongside each one of us. We should be most aware and responsible for our own behavior. My observations are about this country, other countries and what drives the people that populate them. I research just about everything that crosses my path and have assimilated quite a collection of opinions.

Color me eclectic. I am also a rune-smith. Entranced with rocks, fossils, archeology, paleo-history, aloe, agave & boojum trees. I love art, music and critters.


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Len Hart
Website The Existentialist Cowboy

Grew up in West Texas. Mentors: philosophy prof, Truitt Hilliard taught me existentialism, logical positivism; Paul Milosevich, a great artist; theatrical director Neil Whiting. Mamie Carpenter’s descriptions of Sandro Botticelli stayed with me until I could see them in Florence. Lee Holloway taught me how to debate. Famous defense Atty Warren Burnett inspired my respect for the First Amendment.

I studied communications with Northwestern University alumnus, Wally Jackson. My first radio employer was Ray Cox, KWMO-FM. My first break. Broadcasting took me to major US markets for ABC, CBS and UPI. Interviews: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George Bush Sr, Nelson Rockefeller, Watergate Prosecutor Leon Jaworski, David S. Broder, Sen. Fritz Hollings, Sen. John Tower, Beverly Sills, Gloria Steinem, Sen. Sam Ervin, Bella Abzug, George Plimpton, Milton Friedman, Ehud OImert, John Wayne, Mel Brooks, Russ Meyer, Eydie Williams, Tina Louise, Donna Mills, Muhammad Ali, Rob Reiner, James Franciscus, Wayne Rogers, Grace Lee Whitney (Star Trek), Bob Crane, Bernard Fox (Colonel Rodney Crittendon, Hogans Heroes), many movie stars, politicians, and celebs.