I’m NYTexan, my liberal blog focuses on national and some Texas politics, Useless politicians (democrat and republican), political corruption, scandals (some days I can’t keep up with them), the environment and what ever else pops in my head.

I started thinking about a blog after the 2006 elections. I didn’t want the events of November to just be a fluke. America was finally waking up to the reality of the Bush administration and the war. The neo-cons and religious right had high jacked the country and I’d had enough. Then I had to rest from blogging for several years from the  shenanigans.

It’s now 2018, I’m slowly coming back. It is unfortunate that we have become everything we sent so many soldiers to fight against.

I encourage comments from all sides. I will not edit any comments. They post as you have written them. However, your comments will be deleted for the following reason only: I will not tolerate racism on any level especially the use of the “N” word. By the way this statement was up long before Imus.

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Why I’m here: The catharsis of sharing what I’ve learned and observed. I am a concept person who sees patterns in everything. The patterns in small inanimate things and in biological things are surprisingly similar. What appears to be bizarre to others often have simple explanations. A population of conscious and unconscious travelers move alongside each one of us. We should be most aware and responsible for our own behavior. My observations are about this country, other countries and what drives the people that populate them. I research just about everything that crosses my path and have assimilated quite a collection of opinions.

Color me eclectic. I am also a rune-smith. Entranced with rocks, fossils, archeology, paleo-history, aloe, agave & boojum trees. I love art, music and critters.