TPA Roundup 8/27/2012

The Texas Progressive Alliance is ready for the new school year as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff published interviews with Congressman Gene Green and Congressional candidate Jim Dougherty.

BossKitty at TruthHugger was interrupted while researching the abomination of H.R. 1096: Sanctity of Life Act of 2011, Questions and Permutations, to comment on the recent shootings in New York Do You Feel Better It Wasn’t Terrorism? Then the sad news that Neil Armstrong escaped the bounds of earth for the last time, He Stopped The World On July 20, 1969

The GOP’s answer for everything is trickle-down. WCNews at Eye on Williamson on the latest on transportation Forgotten Mission: Texas’ trickle-down transportation policy.

The legal action by the Harris County Democratic Party to remove DA nominee Lloyd Oliver from the November ballot places the rest of the party’s candidates in an unfortunate and unnecessary quandary, posits PDiddie at Brains and Eggs.

Neil at Texas Liberal discussed litter in Houston bayous. This post also featured the famous crying Indian anti-litter PSA from the 70?s.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme knows that the Romney/Ryan racist welfare ads and jokes are par for the course for the republicans who built that d*mn fence as a monument to racism and fear.

Texas History for the Week of August 27

August 26, 1842 – In a treaty, Caddo Indians agreed to persuade other tribes to join in councils with Texas commissioners. Their efforts led to a peace treaty among nine tribes in 1843.

Provincias Internas divided into three sectors (1786)

State Police in gun battle (1870)

Alamo survivor Joe escapes from slavery (1837)

Town opens with a barbecue (1892)

August 27

August 27, 1837 – The first Texas Navy came to an end when the ships Brutus and Invincible were forced aground near Galveston by two Mexican ships.

Chihuahua Expedition ends after blazing trade route (1840)

Redeemed captive begins trip home (1866)

Stevie Ray Vaughan dies in crash (1990)

August 28

August 28, 1902 – The Texas Farmers Union was officially incorporated. The Union was created to stabilize the cotton market and bring about reforms in such areas as rural education.

Hugo Oconór becomes ad interim governor of Texas (1767)

María Calvillo petitions Mexican government for ranch title (1828)

Newt Gresham founds Farmers Union (1902)

Texas sub commander receives Medal of Honor (1945)

August 29

August 29, 1827 – Old Station, a settlement six miles up the Lavaca River in Jackson Co., was closed in violation of Mexican laws that prohibited settlements within 10 leagues of the coast.

Houston Academy chartered (1856)

Founder of agricultural community dies (1965)

August 30

August 30, 1855 – A treaty settled Penateka Indians on a reservation in Throckmorton County. The reservation closed in 1859, and the Penatekas moved to Indian Territory in Oklahoma.

Mob masses at Mansfield (1956)

Texans capture guns at Second Manassas (1862)

El Paso Electric forerunner takes over as supplier for the Southwest (1901)

August 31

August 31, 1968 – Dr. Michael E. DeBakey and his team performed the first multi-organ transplant in Houston, using several organs from one donor for four patients.

Asa Borger murdered (1934)

Camp Bowie closed (1946)

Historic Baptist church founded (1839)

“Gentleman Jim” Ferguson, future Texas governor, born in Salado (1871)

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