TPA Roundup – 2/27/2012

Today’s Politics from a Texas point of view […]

GOP Presidential Candidate nut case, encourages Holy War

The 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates nut cases are doing more to discredit the integrity of the United States of America than any wartime spy. What ever happened to the Golden Rule? The entire Muslim World has a right to be outraged at the REPEATED blatant arrogance and ignorance of sworn representatives of the […]

Virile GOP – American Women Are Property Again

Women are property again and Men are biological weapons of mass extinction! The Virile GOP don’t want to be accountable for their unwanted children, because the measure of a male is how many children he can sire. Do they want to overpopulate earth with damaged children? […]

TPA Roundup – 2/20/2012

The Texas Progressive Alliance will never be able to say the word “surging” again with a straight face as it brings you this week’s roundup. […]

TPA Roundup –2/13/2012

The Texas Progressive Alliance is still waiting for Greg Abbott to ask for its opinion about interim maps as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff ran the numbers for the interim maps that were proposed by AG Greg Abbott.

While we may have plenty of jobs in Texas, […]

TPA Roundup – 2/6/2012

The Texas Progressive Alliance thought that was one of the better halftime shows it has seen recently as it brings you this week’s roundup. […]

Water Crisis And the 2012 Presidential Campaign

Ask your candidate about America’s water safety. Ask your candidate about the groundwater pollution caused by Fracking for oil and gas. […]