Poisoning the Wind: Congress, Corporate Shills and the End of Environmental Accountability

by Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

bp-is-deathIt truly is a dark time for anything that lives and breathes in America. While human beings have a long and weird history of bad stewardship towards their environmental community, we are entering a suffocating new era of greed and irresponsibility. Despite disturbing new aftershocks from our “fuck it” attitude towards poisoning our own pool of oxygen, water, vegetation and livestock, the major energy corporations push onwards, with little to no thought as to what the ramfications might be for the rest of us.

On the foreign front it may be as ruthless as American diplomats manipulating international climate change accords.  On the domestic front, even as hurricanes enter a new historical era of severity and frequency due to man-made climate change, and our pillaging of the environment threatens the world’s financial security, the political underlings of mega corporations (voted in by the idiot swarm, convinced by the billionaires) have begun a frightening new program of deregulation. The actual science matters little to the multi-billion dollar corporations racing to kill and exploit us faster than the next fiend. Koch, for example, besides being the big money behind the tea party, is also, along with Exxon-Mobil, writing the big checks for climate change denialism to the tune of over an estimated $73 million.

So that now, less than two months after the UN and the World Bank warnings that ignoring manmade climate change will have catastrophic long-term effects, in their very first day House GOP corporate-lackeys introduced three different bills to remove the regulations on on poisonous contaminants released by America’s most dangerous industries.

Despite the fact that the Obama Administration chronically compromises with the worst pollution culprits, some of the political corporate lackeys, like Darrell Issa, have gone so far as sending 150 of their corporate masters a letter asking what regulations their masters would like changed. The committee that handled our government’s response in the House of Representatives, was disbanded by those lackeys on the very first day they took office.

Besides ending our federal awareness of this civilization-threatening pandemic, only a few weeks into their new House Majority, GOP shills have completely handicapped enforcement of the few regulations that remain in place. No wonder big oil alone spent nearly $70 million in ads to get the Congress it wanted.

In both big and small things, Congress, and Production America, need a serious cultural “Re-Set” made by us, the people, to reverse this ominous trend towards convenient and destructive ignorance on environmental issues.

Our government will not be an agent of accountability unless we make it one. Corporations have only the profit motive. Sooner or later, for better or worse, we will have to make our own re-valuation of our environment’s importance to the human species based not on consumption obsessions, but rather the goal of long-term sustainability and healthful co-existence with the living community from which we spring.

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  • Same old, same old Rev. It doesn’t matter if it’s ‘war on drugs’ or any other chance to harass the population, the biPartisan Tyranny is up to the job. ‘Environmental Accountability’ in the Amazon and oil companies and mines is a laugh riot of displaced natives and poisons in the water supply for decades. And the same is true here.
    Heck : I seem to recall an article here on BlueBloggin where there was an evident correlation between the Texas Aquifer and a proposal to dump PCB-laden soil from a NYC canal on the land ! And it was here I learned about Bluedaze and the campaign to poison the Earth’s drinking water supply by fracking gas wells.
    SourceWatch blew the whistle on Big Coal buying off the EPA on part of the Mountaintop Mining insanity by suppressing the info on radioactive Coal Ash from the particulate scrubbers being a time bomb in dozens of locations.
    Monsanto – Rumsfeld’s project – is doing a bang up job of destroying heritage seed supplies worldwide.
    It just goes on and on .
    But the Climate Change thing looks like a shootout between two lots of crooks pushing different cons!
    Insane I know : but that’s the order of the day.
    And yes, I have files on other insanity too. Aug 13 2009 I covered stories from a retired Ohio farmer who was up to speed on how ag practices are culturing diseases in our food supply and more from a raw milk fan who was driven nuts by the idea that one should ‘minimize the risk’ of food by depriving it of nutrition ! Plus the Topical Index has both ‘Water – Wealth & Power’ plus ‘Corporate Farming’.
    Top disgusting horror has to be in Uranium, however.

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