Happy Holidays Ya’ll

We would like to wish all of you a very happy and safe holiday. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and for all our pagan friends Happy Winter Solstice.



Len Hart

Reverend Manny

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  • Philip Wagner

    Hey fellow citizens/taxpayers!
    Have you been following the latest antics of our angel investors Paige Craig and former partner in the Iraq War psy ops scandal, Christian bailey? Bailey is now at incTank in Cambridge after a stint as an MIT fellow (probably paid for by the taxpayers, but that’s just my guess) Try to find anything about the infamous Alexis Debat who is quite a character in his own right. Where do these start ups think all this money is coming from? An ex-Marine sergeant’s salary.Bailey keeps a very low profile like Blackwater’s Eric Prince. Paige is a darling of the LA techno geek Lindsay Lohan crowd. No one seems to care where the VC comes from. Just as long as they get it. So much for “character” in today’s society.
    No wonder our gov’t sub contracts all our covert activities to outside ex-intelligence/military chums. The pay is better. and nobody breaks the law. Plausible deniability. As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a GOOD thing.” LOL.
    Love the TV show “The Unit.’

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