Corporate-Sponsored TeaParty Thugs Assault a female MoveOn Protester (VIDEO)

by Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

First off, a humble thank you to The Political Carnival for originally putting me on to this video of a female MoveOn protester being violently mob-tackled to the ground, and then having her torso and head stomped on by right-wing goons.

Folks, this is what corporate-sponsored paranoia and rage look like up close. A pack of disillusioned suburbanite white males intimidating and assaulting anyone who disagrees with them. What’s the matter fellas? Viagra not fixing your disappeared manufacturing economy? Cialys not compensating for the guilt of hundreds of thousands of civilian murders you rightwingers have on your hands, domestically and across the seas? Or do you really just love bullying a force 1/8th of your size and strength? Cuz that would just be quintessentially American, wouldn’t it?

Struggle is Necessary… and this is exactly why

The heat and the pressure are only get higher. Two years into this violent Tea Party Movement, Attorney General Eric Holder is still too intimidated to bring corruption, embezzlement and incitement charges against them.

This is what corporations are sponsoring in your political system. Theft, violence, assault, abuse, bullying… you starving, them eating.

And if we don’t soon make it illegal to spread violent misinformation, this type of propaganda after-shock, where their goons are beating our people, is going to increase in frequency.

Make Freedom,
–Reverend Manny and the Pavement Pushups

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