Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Round Up Nov 30, 2009

The Texas Progressive Alliance welcomes everyone back from the Thanksgiving Holiday with these highlights from the blogs.

TXsharon has arranged by area 60 TCEQ fugitive emission videos obtained via the Texas Public Information Act. The videos were taken throughout the Barnett Shale area using a GasFindIR (Infrared) camera. Find the videos for […]

Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Round Up Nov 23, 2009

The Texas Progressive Alliance as Thanksgiving week begins brings you this week’s highlights from the blogs.

The Texas Cloverleaf clues you in on why you can’t breathe in Denton County— gas drillers!

WCNews at Eye On Williamson has some Thoughts on Straus’ Interim Charges – including topics like feral hogs, blogging, and transportation.


Socialism, The New Buzz Word

Americans are amazingly ignorant about civics, types of governments and the world around them. We are however, intellectually superior on important topics; athletes salaries, Hollywood gossip, the latest ‘bling’ car. Surprisingly, Americans are well traveled, at least 80% of us have crossed state lines. Knowing whats going on around us, and researching facts […]

Barbara Ann Radnofsky On Countdown And Texas Gay Marriage

Barbara Ann Radnofsky made Countdown’s number one spot on “World’s Best Person” segment. Apparently in 2005 when the homophobic Texas legislatures outlawed gay marriage they outlawed straight marriage as well. The intelligence of Greg Abbott and the GOP is underwhelming.


A Last Resort

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

A nation in which about one half of the population openly pines for the murder of the only fairly elected president in some 9 years is finished. The writing is on the wall. The America that most of us loved is dead. Tragically –it will not rest […]

Lack Of Incentives Causes Solar Project To Snub Texas

Gilbert Says His Energy Plan Would Help Bring More Solar Projects To State

TYLER-Democratic gubernatorial candidate Hank Gilbert (D-Whitehouse) said this morning that yesterday’s announcement that a large solar panel factory will be built in Arizona instead of Texas should be a wake up call for the state-and one which […]

Barbara Ann Radnofsky Announcment Tour

It is certain that Barbara Ann Radnofsky will be on the ballot for the Democrats in 2010; we don’t know who will be on the ballot for the Republicans. Radnofsky will formally announce her candidacy for Texas Attorney General and her December 3 filling for the primary election in a five-city tour.


Kay Bailey Hutchinson Confused Again

Kay Bailey Hutchinson once again can’t decide what to do. Another fine Texas Republican who can’t do what they say. Kay’s version of the Texas two step or three or four step goes something like this

July 29, 2009 Dallas Morning News:

“Formal announcement: I am in. Then the actual leaving […]

Texas Progressive Alliance Round Up Nov 16, 2009

The Texas Progressive Alliance is starting to feel an odd craving for can-shaped servings of cranberry sauce as it brings you this week’s highlights from the blogs.

TXsharon continues to follow the abuses of Aruba Petroleum in a Barnett Shale backyard and Wednesday the Wise County Messenger picked up the story. It’s all […]

Origins of ‘Islamophobia’ in US Imperialism and Neo-Colonialism

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy ‘Islamophobia’ in the U.S. is a top down phenomenon encouraged and exploited by the right wing. It is easier to whip up war fever if the populace is irrational, mindless, or unduly fearful of an entire class, religion or even race. A crooked, corrupt or illegitimate state […]