Citizens Of The World Need To Stand Up For Iranians

n108302480756_2919And that is how it started. Thirty years of frustration boiled over with stolen votes and continued lies. Thirty years ago when the Iranians revolted, this is not the government they expected. Today Iranians live under a theocratic dictatorship.

Remember in America, when George Bush and his gang of thieves, stole our votes? Government suppression, vote stealing and corruption are just a few of the activities that all world governments participate in. While these Supreme Leaders, Dictators, Prime Ministers and yes even Presidents,  all spew their lies, they work for their own interests.

Citizens of the world need to support Iranians in their march for fair elections, honest governments and end to theocratic and dictatorship. Now, before any in the U.S. or the western world get on your high horse, we have just as much illegal government behavior and corruption as everyone else.

What is happening in Iran is a reflection of what each and every one of us are living through in one fashion or another. In the U.S. we have had several years of Bush corruption, censorship, illegal activities both domestic and international.  Governments, no matter how they are formed or the method in which they control us need to be held accountable.

Modern communication can expose government lies,  abhorrent behavior, election rigging and treatment of their people. They can censor the press, arrest activists, but cannot continue to suppress our voices. Governments have told the world what they wanted everyone to hear and see. But now we must use our technological ability to expose their lies with social networking, camera phones and blogs. World governments whose ancient thinking cannot be hidden any longer. We will continue to expose your lies and your treatment of human beings throughout the world.

The supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has stated that the opposition candidates will be held accountable for the protesters. Khamenei has even stated that the protest are the fault of the British and a variety of other countries. Is he freaking kidding me? Everyone can see what’s going on in Iran. Just as every citizen in the world saw what Bush, Blair and all the rest of the world leaders have done. Yes, they all think we are stupid. Yes, they all think, because they tell us to go home and be good children, that we will!  And yes, because these world leaders say its  so, they really think it is.

So today, as Iranians take to the streets, Khamenei’s henchmen gun them down, run them over and beat them with batons. And the protesters only have rocks and voices.  The Iranian government has shut down the internet, monitoring cell phones and going after bloggers, FaceBook and twitter.  Reporters from all over the world have been banned, arrested or detained. And yet, Khamenei, and his puppet Ahmadinejad, want everyone to believe that the overwhelming elections were legal.

Since all media has been shut down, news of whats going on can be found on Twitter and FaceBook. Many injured protesters are showing up at various Embassys for help because they will be arrested at the hospitals. Bravo to the Embassys accepting the injured: Australia, Finland, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Mexico, Portugal Romaina, Slovenia, Croatia. Of course the Canadians won’t answer the door or the phone. Proud of you neighbor! Italy, well they changed their mind and pulled out,  just like in WWII.

University in Shiraz, Police Beating Women and Bystanders

Translation via HuffPo

A reader, Poria from Amsterdam, provides the rough translation:

“prepare, get ready… pedar sag (your dad is a dog) farsi equivalent of SOB… he says Haroomzadeha a lot. which is a typical farsi insult meaning Bastards (plural)… He shouts at them: Dont hit them! Dont hit them combined with above insults… Dont hit an old woman several times… go away… bastards(really pissed), why are you hitting peoples daughters… israelis (used as slang for very violent people)… honorless ones… they are hitting people daughters and sisters… then you hear the girl shouting bastards after which the guy says: i shit on the souls of your father and mother… go away filths, bastards, fatherless ones

The people fight back against the Basiji

It is time that will of all citizen of the world are heard.

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  • Aha! I agree : it is only a matter of a small degree of still WFO from the proper direction one needs to go.
    I had to watch for a nose snort on coffee – and wish I had noted where I picked it up : Exchanging a black skunk with white stripes for a white guy with black stripes is not progress.
    Clapso said this was coming ! Nor was I surprised after I realized he wanted to make war and support AIPAC : still before the election.

  • Opit:
    Thanks for the links, I’ll check them out.

    BTW:I think Obama in many ways is Bush 2.0. If I wasn’t so freaking busy my post on it would already be published. While he is better than the alternative McCain & bat shit crazy Palin, I am still pretty annoyed.

  • I’m not sure I’ll be back. Apologists for infamy are not my style.The dire danger of Iran pales next to this

    I spammed your inbox with a shitload of typical concern for ‘human rights’ that didn’t make the grade in similar case. There’s an article you might find of note right here.
    And if there is a danger to Iranians…I don’t see any neocon concern, do you ?
    Oh, Obama’s in charge ? Yeah. Let me know when the halo wears off.

  • Opit:
    The media is worthless. My trust is in the citizen reporters. Anyone who knows Iranian politics knows Ahmadinejad, who is basically a CEO, runs the domestic issues of Iran and Khamenei runs the international side along with appointing the councils. For Iranians, their elections have been the only democratic and reliable part of their government. Which is why Khamenei is called the supreme leader.

    Protesting against Khamenei and calling for his death, should illustrate to you the gravity of the situation and the danger to all Iranians. Ahmadinejad who is a Basijis, has their loyalty adn trust, they are thugs. Basijis are members of a civilian paramilitary organization founded by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979 to attack protesters. It was conceived of as a civilian auxiliary force subordinate to the Revolutionary Guards.

    Your statement regarding the banks, what is happening in Iran can and probable will have a huge effect on oil and the banks including our fed.

    By the way you missed the point of the post, it’s not about elections anymore it’s about corruption and human rights.

  • O.K. Here’s a citizen of the world who has noticed the incessant litany of misrepresentation, harassment and fraud against Iran. January 2 years ago Russia warned against mucking with the place and said interference would be dealt with as if it were part of Russia.
    Noam Chomsky did a wonderful breakdown of the basic scenario
    Let’s review. The media spin things so marvelously that nobody could tell if they were afoot or horseback.
    Ahmadinejad has been lied about for years to spin him with horns. I’m not saying he’s a great guy : tyrants aren’t. And the mullahs are the tyrants picked to keep them safe from the meddling Infidel.
    That’s as in you and me.
    Since when did Iranian elections become so important ? It isn’t as if they were about to change their leadership ! Russia and China are totally cool with this scenario. The winner made another wonderful speech at a conference in Russia Tuesday.
    That was a conference excluding the totally broke and bankrupt nations which have let their fiat currency accumulate in a glut in their hands.
    Distraction and false flag events are still like the Illusionist’s sleight-of-hand.
    Bet you didn’t even notice the proposition to….expand the powers of the Fed.

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