CPAC Fans Fuse of Hatred – Seeks Civil War

Growing hate groups blame Obama, economy

  • Report: the number of hate groups grew by 54 percent since 2000
  • Obama’s election win fueled some to join hate groups, study found
  • The FBI’s uniform crime report found 7,624 hate crime incidents in 2007
  • Obama is a “visual aid” that helps lure new members, says neo-Nazi

Radical segments, of America’s population, insist on holding someone else responsible for their personal failures.  It is easier to blame AAGK001145their financial plight on:  illegal aliens, “who take their jobs”, black people, “who get a better break”,  Jews, “who run the country”,  Islam, “who is out to get us”,  Liberals, “who seek communism”, and Government who conspires against the christian righteous right…

Enter KKK, Neo-Nazi, SkinHead, Christian Revisionists and hundreds of similar hate groups.  America has freedoms that sometimes allow domestic dissidents a great voice.  Hard Core Republicans have slid into a desperation  that has embraced the Hate Group mentality.  They espouse, every day in right wing forums, how they are determined to cause the Obama Administration to fail.  They do not, however, detail the consequences for the majority of Americans.

A tiny list of today’s hateful society headlines:

Alarming Increase In US Hate Groups

Hate groups on rise, says law center: Recession, Obama election fuel growth

LETTERS to the editor: Hate group’s ‘research’ pushes impossible agenda

Report: Hate groups on rise nationally but quiet locally

Florida ranks third in number of hate groups

Ultra-fundamentalist hate group to picket Canton High

Waltham’s Mass Resistance labeled as a hate group

Immigration, economy, Obama fuel growth of US hate groups

The Number Of Hate Groups In The US Continues To Grow

civil_war_soldiersSo, it is a social and cultural phenomena America is facing.  The Conservative Political Action Conference was a glaring example of how Republicans are teasing the idea of treason,  as defined by the Bush Administration.  The past administration was quick to judge and demean opponents of it’s  policies.  Progressive thoughts and actions were treated as “domestic terrorism”.  Based on that criteria, Republicans are playing with a trip to Guantanamo, while it lasts.  They are behaving like “Domestic Terrorists” by infusing a “Civil War” mentality.  Advocates of violent opposition to the Obama Administration are being stroked by the party that became famous for using lunatic fringe to increase their power base.  Fox News continues to fan the flames of civil conflict, not just unrest.  Hiding behind the curtain “freedom of the press” the radical talking heads  have actually given license to the CPAC agenda:

STRAIGHT FROM CPAC: A Speech for the Ages From Rush

STRAIGHT FROM CPAC: Gingrich Rips Obama

Limbaugh Rallies Conservatives to Fight Democrats, Find ‘Right Candidate’: On the conference’s third and final day, the conservative talk radio host was the headliner, and the crowd greeted him with an immense ovation.

CNN’s Bill Schneider: Limbaugh Speech Was ‘Angry, Mocking, Bullying, Harsh, and Full of Contempt’

Right Wing Radio Talks Secession as Law Enforcement Listens

When you are raised to believe that all your trials and tribulations are the actions of someone or something else, your actions define you.  Seeking a target for your woes, real or imagined, becomes your agenda.  This is where Christian Revisionists and Islamic Jihadists are on the same page.  They are identical.  The most vivid example of this culture of blame is the historic rise of Nazism.  This is where education in America has failed.  History, severely edited to reflect a social and political posture, has been stripped of it’s objectivity.  News reporting has been stripped of it’s objectivity.  Religous leaders, school systems, extreme bias reporting and family myths have served misconception as the main course for brainwashing the next generation.  This is the same flaw that nurtures extremes from the middle east and western society.


Treason is redefined by each new administration.  Unfortunately, those who think they are  disenfranchised are actually benefiting from the same social programs they are fighting.

25 States Considering Sovereignty Legislation

Civil War is NOT the option for those delusionals who think they are disenfranchised, just because America is trying to be inclusive and trying to resurrect fairness, as defined by our founding fathers.

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  • Thanks Opit, intrigue is a mild description.
    BTW, this post originates on TruthHugger

  • Yep, love that Care2. Linked it to TruthHugger. Religion, if you haven’t questioned it, you don’t have it … humans are not designed to be robots. Thank you for being a continued source of intrigue and inspiration.

  • Heh. I was ordained a Presbyterian elder. Preacher’s Kid who went to 3 denominations fairly regularly, changed denominations a few times as an adult, frequented Reiki healing sessions with a proper mixed bag of individualists who might be Wiccan, lapsed Christian, Eck/Paul Twitchell TM groupies, New Agers…
    I’m enjoying Care 2 if I haven’t mentioned it. That’s another group of Allsorts : and featured one of your stories on the newsboard. is listed on the Links page down on the right under ‘Alternative News and Videos’

  • Looks like we’re shooting at the same target.
    I actually consider myself a spiritual person, only because I aggravated the hell out of my parents by making them take me to every different kind of church I could find, within reasonable driving distance. Sharing a buried secret with you, consider yourself special … raised Methodist, being told I was going to hell because I wasn’t Baptist, and having Lutherans tell me that no matter how good you tried to be, you are predestined for hell anyway, go down the Christian list, I’ve tried them all – even gave Catholicism the best month of my life. It was actually a rabbi that tossed me on my ear by talking me out of becoming a Jew. He opened my eyes to the fact that you don’t have to tattoo what religion you are on your forehead. You live what you believe and if that attracts questions, then you share. So, I resumed questioning. I read all the existentialists, loved Sarte, Kant and actually met Will and Arial Durant before they died, they were in to the whole civilization/philosophy thing, but they missed a lot. I even worked for Sybil Leek (a witch) for a year! Then, I met the Dalai Lama. Thanks to him, I began to question things differently and started getting better answers.
    Now, I’m just an old fart like you with enough entertaining memories to be a pain in everyone’s ass. Thanks for listening. BTW, I do visit the sites you show me.

  • Nope. You’re not taking it too seriously.
    I sure don’t know where you got the idea that I thought allowing others to frame your context was recommended. That’s activity straight out of Obfuscation 101.
    I mostly call myself Christian because I thought the morality play Jesus was right on : a scoffer at authority so immersed in self-interest it lost any ability to help people realize their potential. He paid with his life for that bit of whistleblowing : or so the story goes. That’s archetypical symbolism. I loved the movie “Dogma” for that irreverence : though it became lame near the end.
    If I really wanted to write a blank check I’d have clicked the link.
    I wouldn’t do it for AMORC ( Rosicrucian ) either … and some of them are trusted family !
    But I was young and foolish once : and did install the conditioning software of the church : constant prayer. Funny thing : it worked to release me from constraints on thought : biofeedback and self-hypnosis don’cha know. But : for me it did open the door for answered prayer in a time of desperation. If it works : Use it. Well before the time I got a second monkey off my back I figured I had a ‘keeper’ : but no physical bossman is solicited.
    Nobody looks at my Links. If you had you’d know I have a humongous section on headbanging. My Religion section is hardly standard either. I got into a row with a guy I pegged as a Faux Lie-beral over LGBT issues and noted it.

  • I disagree, Opit. God’s mouthpieces, just like political parties, are always fishing for “funds” so they can do their “good works”. Religion has the advantage of that mysterious ‘see all’ umpire in the sky, enforcing some politician’s rules for game of life. Power is as good as money when you can use free labor as currency. Corporate religion has business to take care of besides comforting their own followers. Theocracy is how ancient empires controlled their populations and justified their actions toward neighboring empires. Theocracy oppresses questioning behavior to control their people. That’s why insisting on “blind faith” is so important. Mind control is necessary to subdue questioning authority.
    Maybe I’m taking this all too seriously … a lot of people really prefer to be told what to do and how to think. That’s the bottom line for any marketing campaign.

  • Not really.
    No doubt about it : every word ‘off’. Religion implies faith in a diety : money doesn’t count. Right implies ‘left-right’ span of governmental organization : not Police State Reich. And wonderful should imply questioning awe : not organized Mind Control caused by government controlled education, media and church ( theocracy ).

  • Thanks for reminding me to be more specific, Opit. Here’s how it really should look: Wonderful? Religious? Right?

  • “Wonderful Religious Right”. You should copyright that : every word a lie.

  • So right Opit, some, if not most people, behave as if there were no consequences to their actions. Why is that? Where has the wonderful religious right failed? By making you think you are so special that your personal welfare and finances are more important than anyone else. Generalizations are a lot more convenient because they sanitize results by creating a disconnect. Words from charismatics are taken seriously by that segment of population that hangs on words they are told are from “God”. Words from shock jocks are exclusively to make their celebrity more expensive. The more controversy, the more expensive contract they demand. The sad part is that the gullible take their crap seriously, to the delight of the jocks.

  • It must be just you – as the majority of the population of the planet wouldn’t condone generalizations if they weren’t fed a constant diet of garbage ( that was satire about ‘just you’ ).
    Here’s the old story laid out in its essentials

  • Does anyone see anything wrong with that, or is it just me?

  • It must be understood that the maniacs who live in the flag waving land of the shotgun toting, nascar driving jesus. Truly believed they were living in the land of milk and honey. Now that they have lost jobs, had homes foreclosed, and otherwise are faced with the reality of the collapse of the corpoRATe cleptocracy economy. They need to blame someone. It ain’t gonna be themselves!

    Many of these idiots are spending large sums of their unemployment checks on guns and ammo. The only question is who they are gonna shoot up, not when.

    A shame that the corpoRATe executhieves have strong security and are not at risk. Neither are the bought and prayed for republicRAT/dempublican spin doctors in washingtOOn. It will be innocent just regular folks who had nothing to do with the disaster that will suffer…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  • TomP:
    I’m not sure putting “human” and “Coulter” in the same sentence is proper grammar.

    Some would be surprised at the number of liberals who are gun owners.

  • TomPayne

    Kind of ironic-I guess-
    For 8 years WE were the ones who ‘hated’ America-
    and now the REAL evil shows its face.

    What the hell kind of human beings would hold Ann Coulter
    up as some sort of leader??? ALOT of my pals are Repubs- and even THEY find her sick and twisted.

    Well- they want war? they are gonna be real surprised
    just how many ‘liberals’ DO own weapons- and WILL use them to defend the country the Constitution was based upon!

  • Opit! I mark this day on my calendar that you agree with me. If anyone else reads the article, I will be impressed.
    I see trends and hear murmurs, from the underground, about getting even with “those godless whining pinkos” bringing communism to America. These numb nuts actually receive government aid in one way or another … including Social Security, Veterans Benefits and Unemployment. They are entitled to ‘reverence’ from the American public for serving their country by wearing a uniform, whether or not they saw combat. But, a single mom trying to feed her kid is a burden on society. That is Commie welfare state stuff. I was exposed to an entire underground army ready to “take over the streets” with their home grown militias and “secure” cities from government zombies. These guys love Republicans because “they understand what we are against”.
    I look forward to the first troll to hit this story.

  • You’re right, of course. And will receive all sorts of shit and abuse for daring to say the truth openly.
    I’ve been making the rounds of the ‘co-conspirators’ because I’ve been at least as radical as you – who’d a thunk ? The real meat is
    So what happened ? George’s clusterfuck of course – except it was Aryan Nation/American Nazi Party/and more changing things from to
    Back in the 60’s when the New York Mafia was jailed I had an awful thought…”Nature abhors a vacuum’. Yep.

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