Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Round Up March 30, 2009

It’s Monday, and that means it is time for another edition of the Texas Progressive Alliance’s Weekly Blog Round Up.

Phillip Martin of Burnt Orange Report is feeling proud to have a Democrat in the Oval Office in his post, President Barack Obama: How He Won & Early Successes.

McBlogger’s […]

***FOUND***MISSING: Krystle Lee Dabb Buffalo NY Teen

Police are on the lookout for a missing teenage girl. 16-year-old Krystle Dabb was last seen Thursday morning near South Park high school in Buffalo wearing a red hoodie, jeans, and a tinkerbell necklace. She’s 5-feet-four inches tall, 104 pounds. Her family is obviously very concerned about her. If you have any information […]

The Party of NO: GOP Budget Has No Numbers And No Plan

For weeks the GOP has complained about every stimulus plan, economic plan and Obama’s budget. Every time you turn on the news or read an article the GOP “no” choir is in your face. Let’s not forget that from 2000 through 2006, Republican ran both Houses of Congress under the Bush Administration and […]

FOX News Insults Canadian Military

Just when you thought Fox couldn’t get any dumber, insulting or ignorant; their late night show Red Eye hosted by Greg Gutfeld, takes the idiot prize. If there’s one thing that Fox is good at, is hiring very ignorant people. It is blatantly obvious to everyone, outside of Fox, that one must fail […]

Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Round Up March 23, 2009

With the arrival of Spring, a legislative session in Austin, municipal campaigns revving up around the state and Texas’ primaries less than a year away, the blogs of the Texas Progressive Alliance continue to bring you insights from our members around the state. Here’s a roundup of what we’ve been reporting.

The Federal […]

Was Dodd A Lacky For Bad Banks?

Democratic Sr Senator (CT) Chris Dodd on Budget & Economy – during 2008 Presidential campaign

Q: Pres. Bush proposes “mortgage rates for homeowners with spotty credit histories would be temporarily frozen under a nearly completed agreement between top Bush administration officials and a broad alliance of Wall Street’s biggest banks, mortgage investors, […]

Obama Taps CitiGroup Economist For Treasury Spot

Give me a freaking break. Has the Obama team lost their mind? CitiGroup, who is just about as worthless, dollar and business wise, as AIG, looses their Marketing Guru to the Treasury. So, how does Washington’s logic work? They offer a job, at the Treasury Department, to Lewis Alexander of CitiGroup. Yes, Alexander, […]

AIG: Arrogant Incompetent Giant

It appears Cuomo has managed to get the bonuses documents from Arrogant Incompetent Giant that Treasury Secretary Geithner was clueless about. Or so he says. Congress should make AIG give back every freaking dollar and close their doors. The backward logic of retaining any employee to help fix the screw up they created […]

AIG: The Crooks Who Keep On Giving

In September 2008, when Hank Paulson was running around the capital with is 3 page memo on how to save Wall Street and yelling the sky is falling, Congress never bothered to connect the corporate dots of greed. It obviously never dawned on any of our over paid, pandering members of Congress to […]

Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Round Up March 16, 2009

It’s the first of another week, so that must mean it’s time to take a look at some of the best posts from last week by members of the Texas Progressive Alliance. Here are the submissions:

Vince of Capitol Annex took a new look at the latest creationist attack on science in Texas […]