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On election night in the U.S. there will be an emotional celebration, the likes of which contemporary America has rarely seen, especially if Barack Obama wins. Echoes of the Founding Fathers, and the promise and imperfections of the nation, will reverberate.

Bush Wins Praise With Focus on Preparations for `Extraordinary’ Transition President George W. Bush is leaving office with some of the lowest job-approval ratings in history. He’s being assailed by both of his would-be successors, one of whom will inherit two wars and the most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression.

By tonight, it’s likely that never will so many people have gone to the polls and leave wondering if their vote counted.

From Financial Times:

Polls open as US votes for 44th president

Voting began in the eastern US early on Tuesday as Americans went to the polls to choose their 44th president, with projections showing John McCain, the Republican, with limited options to reverse the trend towards Barack Obama, the Democrat …

Chicago’s black voters euphoric but watchful

From CNN: Election Center:

Americans go to the polls today in what is already one of the most historic elections in U.S. history.

If you have a problem voting or see a problem, call CNN Voter Hotline at 877-GOCNN-08.

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How To Follow The Presidential Election On The Web

Ohio’s voting systems were being put to the test Tuesday with election officials bracing for a record 80 percent turnout in a swing state where presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama were   running neck and neck.Ohio is putting more voting machines in precincts that are expected to be the busiest. Franklin County, which includes Columbus, has about twice as many touch-screen voting machines this year as it did in 2004.

Officials in most states predict there will be a record turnout to vote for president, as well as decide a number of key senate and congressional races, and such thorny ballot questions as banning gay marriage and abortion.

What to Watch for on Election Day

Ten Things to Watch (Besides the Presidential Battle) This Election Day

Advocate challenges Pima County over intent to count votes of those with disabilities last

Help us report problems at the polls

Report problems at the polls

Polling station on Wall Street

Traders are looking forward to knowing who the next president will be

Shares in New York rallied in early trading on Tuesday as people in the US went to the polls.

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