Terrible Anniversary Exploited

Seven years on, three big 9/11 lies

Article in Asia Times:  HONG KONG – Dear, sweet Laura Bush told the biggest, baldest lie at last week’s Republican National Convention. “Let’s not forget,” the first lady said, “President [George W] Bush has kept the American people safe.”

Mrs Bush, your husband and his administration did not keep the American people safe. On September 11, 2001, nearly 3,000 people died, and more than 6,000 were injured as al-Qaeda hijackers crashed commercial aircraft into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon outside Washington. The Bush people act as if someone else was in charge when it happened.

It’s the greatest political mystery of the 21st century, perhaps in American history: how have the Republicans avoided responsibility for 9/11? How can they keep claiming the deadliest attacks on the American mainland as a badge of honor, rather than a stain on their record?

Mrs Bush’s whopper is one of three big lies that the Republicans keep telling on national security related to 9/11. The assault on the truth has gone on for seven years, and last week’s convention video of the disaster suggests it will continue. Meanwhile, Democrats remain afraid to say the Bush administration has no clothes on when it comes to national security lest they be accused of politicizing 9/11, while Republicans keep flaunting the tragedy for partisan gain.

The Bush administration’s steadfast refusal to take any responsibility for the attacks is absolutely mind-blowing. No appointee was fired for the most glaring national security cock-up since Pearl Harbor, if not the British torching of the White House in 1814. Then-national security advisor Condoleezza Rice contends no one anticipated terrorists using airplanes to hit skyscrapers, even though the Federal Bureau of Investigation analyzed the possibility in 1991. For her incompetence and lack of candor, she was promoted to secretary of state.  [more]

The phenomenon of 9/11 will be the controversy for the ages … new political religions have emerged.  Depending on where you sit in the bleachers of this event, the event itself is a religious experience.  Legends, mystical and mythical, have exploded across the planet. The stuff of cults or religions, 9/11 is a sad ‘man-made’ tragedy that has changed the world.  The most despicable result, is global political exploitation of this event.  Even today, America will revive the echo of this event to influence the presidential election.  “A noun, a verb and 9/11”.

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  • To claim that it’s better to vote for the lesser of two evils, when there are other BETTER candidates running, is to fall into the trap!

    There are those, such as the PDA and moveon that claim if we will just vote for their latest dem wonder boy nobama, and give the dems a filibuster proof majority. We will get the health care, and economic, and other things true progressives are calling for. I won’t be fooled again! They told us in 2006 that if we gave the dirty dems the house and senate, they would end the war. The war rages on, and the war criminals of labushanostra have not been brought to justice!

    It’s time to walk away from the two parties if the apocalypse. If you give the oval office to nobama or mcPain, you can expect four more years of DISASTER!

    mcPain=nobama=status quo…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  • To try to pretend that Obama is anything near as bad as the Goppers is absurd on its face. Yes, both parties need to head for the trash can, but there are different ways of sending them there.

    The Jesusistan Klanservatives managed to take over the Republican Party and now use it as their personal instrument of enrichment. There is no reason that liberals couldn’t do the same thing with the Democratic Party, if we were as willing to infiltrate it from the bottom up as Roberton was to fill Republican Party apparatchik positions with his minions. The problem with liberals is that we don’t focus on the need to become disciplined; the party is still too much of a party.

    I have never written anything on September 11, and never will, as long as Chimpy and his heirs continue to hold dance-a-thons on the graves of the victims. Why will nobody remind them that they were crying about anti-ballistic missiles when those planes hit the towers?

  • barr is a refried repub burrito. He’s goin’ nowhere.

    Ahhhhhh, money lets talk nobama and money. How about lobbyist money? You know the lobbyist money he swears he doesn’t take?

    obamessiah has taken bribes, ur um campaign contributions from freddie Mac senior veep robert y. tsien and freddie diCKrectors william m. lewis r., a banker at lazard, and the chicago businesswoman brenda j. gaines. nobama CLAIMS he “does not accept contributions from lobbyists”, but obamessiah has been a favorite of Fannie Mae employees and their political action committee, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. doebama HAS A BIG BACK DOOR THROUGH WHICH SACKS OF LOBBYIST CASH BRIBES FILTER! The obamessiah campaign is MONEY LAUNDERING the bribe money!

    nobama was second only to the Senate Banking Committee chairman, christopher j. dodd, the Connecticut dirty dem, in contributions from freddie/fannie employees and PACs since 1998.

    Then there’s all that money he gets from general dynamics, the military contractor and all that glow in the dark loot he gets from the nuke industry. That’s just the tip of the pile of ice cold cash nobama is getting from the corpoRATeers! He ain’t CHANGE, he’s same old, same old.

    This election is too important to waste your vote on one of the ethically challenged syphilitic co-joined twins of the apocalypse called mcbama!

    Nader is the only candidate with an agenda that will fix our problems!

    Just my twenty two cents in constant 1974 dollars, adjusted for inflation…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  • Thanks Clapso, sad but true. Until a real revolution materializes, there are only 2 viable options. I kinda like Bob Barr … but, he’s only an irritant to the Republicans. Of the 2 options, I would prefer to see Obama’s efforts trying to dismantle a 200 year old political system based on MONEY. All good intentioned presidents seem to be overwhelmed by the system in place. The ‘MONEY for politicians system’ has to be brought under control before we can expect any president to achieve their original promises. I am convinced the definition of democracy has morphed into it’s polar opposite. I agree with you, but we must target the cause before we can change the effect. What was the original definition of democracy? Hmmmmm

  • Although I agree with this Asia Times article that g’dubya and the rest of labushanostra are responsible and should be held accountable since it happened on their watch. The political seeds of 911 go back over a century. It’s primary cause rests with the corpoRATe military imperialism that has been the hallmark of US foreign policy for over a century. In a nutshell it is the agenda, furthered by both the dems AND the repubs, that war is an instrument of foreign policy and need be used whenever “american interests” are threatened.

    I don’t agree with the two parties of the apocalypse. I believe war is a FAILURE of foreign policy. C. Wright Mills penned “The Power Elite”, as good a book as I have ever read. In it he follows the power cord back to the civil war in order to explain how the military industrial complex came to be the force it now is. I suggest reading that book to understand what need change in order for our country to become a force for world peace, instead of the biggest military bully in world history, as it is today.

    I can only hope that YOU all will see that continuing a political system that has the dems and repubs “taking turns” running our country into the ground with endless wars and pork barrel military spending is not an option this election. We need turn our backs on both the dems and repubs. We need vote, not for the lesser of two evils as we have been doing, but for the best over all candidate we can find of the many running. To do any less will simply continue to enable both the dems and repubs to fail us all. VOTE FOR ANYONE NOT A DEM OR REPUB! There are several independent and third party candidates running. Find the one who best fits what YOU want…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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