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With the announcement that Bristol is indeed pregnant (posted at the bottom) this blog will not be posted this topic again.

Obama on Palin

Politico’s Carrie Budoff Brown reports: At a press avail in Monroe, Mich., Barack Obama on Palin: “Back off these kinds of stories.”

“I have said before and I will repeat again: People’s families are off limits,” Obama said. “And people’s children are especially off-limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as a governor or her potential performance as a vice president. So I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18 and how a family deals with issues and teenage children, that shouldn’t be a topic of our politics.”

On charges that his campaign has stoked the story via liberal blogs:

“I am offended by that statement. There is no evidence at all that any of this involved us,” he said. “Our people were not involved in any way in this, and they will not be. And if I thought there was somebody in my campaign who was involved in something like that, they would be fired.”

Original Post

For the last few days, stories about Sarah Palin not being the mother of newborn Trig Palin, but actually, the grandmother, caused me to think.  Why has the McCain campaign, Tom Palin and Sarah Palin herself, not addressed this very strong and growing discussion? It has been said that Palin’s 17 year old daughter, Bristol is really the mother of Trig.  In 2008, with teenage pregnancy not new to anyone, why should this be such a Palin family secret?  Could it be that it flies in the face of those “good old GOP family values?”

Evidence grows as questions mount on the internet.  Is Sarah Palin lying about being the baby’s mother?  Photos seems to back up the fact that Bristol, not Sarah, was pregnant. Even Sarah Palin’s public announcement at 7 months pregnant took her staff by surprise.

You have to wonder how hard the McCain staff vetted Sarah Palin. McCain met with her once and spoke to her 2 times in the history of their relationship. So, how much do the McCain people really know about her? Is Sarah Palin McCain’s Tom Eagleton?  Eagleton lasted only 18 days after his veep tap.

Why does it matter?

  • Sarah Palin is pro-life;
  • Sarah Palin is an avid proponent of abstinence only education.

Let’s start with the Palin’s announcement of becoming a mom for the 5th time:

Anchorage Daily News, March 6, 2008

JUNEAU — Gov. Sarah Palin shocked and awed just about everybody around the Capitol on Wednesday when she announced she’s expecting her fifth child.

That the pregnancy is so advanced astonished all who heard the news. The governor, a runner who’s always been trim, simply doesn’t look pregnant.

Even close members of her staff said they only learned this week their boss was expecting.

But people just couldn’t believe the news.

“Really? No!” said Bethel state Rep. Mary Nelson, who is close to giving birth herself.

“It’s wonderful. She’s very well-disguised,” said Senate President Lyda Green, a mother of three who has sometimes sparred with Palin politically. “When I was five months pregnant, there was absolutely no question that I was with child.”

Moving on, vidoes and photos

In March 2008, Palin attended the Republican Govenors Convention.  Trig PAlin was born April 18, 2008, and in the video interview below several things struck me as fishy; 1) look atr PAlin’s posture and crossed legs at late term pregnancy. Every pregnant women I know can not sit forward and hunched over nor can they cross their legs. Also in one of the vidoe Palin talks about motherhood (video #3), not once does she mention her pregnancy.

Palin in the Green Room: NEWSWEEK’s Karen Breslau shares a personal moment with the Alaska governor.  Alaska governor Sarah Palin talks about the challenges of raising a family while in office at a NEWSWEEK forum on Women in Leadership in March

Palin should be 7 months pregnant in this photo.

Bristol has the pregnant bump

Bristol has the pregnant bump

Here are a few more things to ponder

1) Palin’s daughter Bristol who attends an Anchorage high school, was reportedly absent for what would have been the last 4 -5 months of her mother’s pregnancy, claiming to be suffering from a prolonged case of mono.

2) Sarah Palin’s water broke while she was attending a conference in Texas. She then proceeded to give a 30-minute speech before taking an 11-12 hour flight home to Alaska to give birth.

3) All photos on the Alaska State Department’s official website that show Sarah Palin and her family have been taken down.


Sunday August 31, 2008, 11:30p.m.

H/T The Red Pen at DailyKos

OK, there is a visibly-pregnant Sarah Palin talking with a CBS 11 (Dallas Juneau) reporter at the Governor’s meeting in Texas end of the Alaska legislative session.  She clearly appears to be pregnant.

Unless someone has counter evidence, we can drop this crap now.  Yes, there are still some interesting questions, such as why she flew to Dallas and back when she was this pregnant, and why the Alaska Airlines crew members insisted that she was not visibly pregnant on the flight.  Nevertheless, until this photo is debunked, we look stupid pushing this rumor.

That is all.


For The Red Pen “that is all” and maybe it is but I will keep looking into this until concrete evidence like a non doctored birth certificate or and affidavit from a doctor, nurse or hospital official who has not been bribed. For all I know Sarah Palin is wearing a “fat” suit or the piture was photoshoped. After all this photo only came to light on the web days after blogs began questioning.

Also there is still the unanswered question of Bristol’s 4-5 month absence from school for mononucleosis. With that said, someone else at the school or in their town should have been out for about the same time. So far nothing has been uncovered.

UPDATE!! September 1, 2008, 9:15 am

Blogger are searching Alaskan hospital birth records and nothing has been found yet. One hospital Mat-Su Reginoal Medical Center in Palmer Alaska has taken their site down. What’s up with that??

UPDATE!! September 1, 2008, 12noon

Today, The Anchorage Daily News has published to following:

Palins say teen daughter is pregnant

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Gov. Sarah Palin said today that her 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, is pregnant.

Palin, who arrived in St. Paul today to accept the Republican nomination for vice president, sent out a joint statement with her husband, Todd.

“Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned,” they said. “We’re proud of Bristol’s decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents. As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support.

“Bristol and the young man she will marry are going to realize very quickly the difficulties of raising a child, which is why they will have the love and support of our entire family. We ask the media to respect our daughter and Levi’s privacy as has always been the tradition of children of candidates,” the Palin family statement concluded.

The Daily News had asked Palin’s press secretary, Bill McAllister, over the weekend to address rumors that Bristol was pregnant.

“I don’t know. I have no evidence that Bristol’s pregnant,” he said on Saturday.

With the announcement that Bristol is indeed pregnant this blog and will not be posted this topic again. Changed my mind

CBC (Canadian Broadcast Company) did the following report during the RNC Convention

CBC raises questions about Trig Palin’s birth

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  • Carli

    i dont think bristol’s the mom because she was noticibly pregnant while holding her brother. its possible that trig was born via surgate.

  • skittykitty

    Barack Obama on Palin: “BACK OFF THESE KINDS OF STORIES!!”

    “I have said before and I will repeat again:
    People’s families are OFF LIMITS!!” Obama said.
    “And people’s children are especially OFF LIMITS!!
    This shouldn’t be part of our politics.”


    DID YOU *HEAR* THE MAN????????????


    I do not CARE what young Mr Johnson has to say,
    as far as I understand, he’s shut of the Palins.




    I swear to gods some of you sound like greedy
    nosy chop-licking **gossip** columnists!!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to read the Vanity Fair October issue with Levi Johnston interivew. Sounds like he is talking…. something about Sarah Palin suggesting that she and Todd Palin adopt Bristol and Levis baby. That way the public would not know that her teen daughter was pregnant. Well, I suspect this is what happened with the first baby. But, the teens did not let it happen with their second child. Hope he blows the whole cover-up wide open in his book. That will be the end of Sarah Palin. Thank God.

  • wcummin3

    To Whom It May Concern;
    From: wcummin3,

    I don’t want to sound contrary to the cause, but, isn’t it reaching for straws to make supposition on two infants in a double-stroller, just because they are seen sitting side-by-side. To the casual observer, the two infants would not even necessarily have to be related, by blood, to each other. The scene could be construed in a number of ways that would make the case for very little, in the long run. The case you are making is really thin, but, makes for good copy in the gossip mills. I’m sure Sarah Palin would feign injury to your assumption and make a huge case for her personal and family defamation. To make matters worse, she would win her case-in-point.

  • deb

    The stroller, the group pictures, the statements (e.g. Bristoel is in the bus with her BROTHER). This is the unconcious mind- giving it up. Bristol- pushing a twin stroller- filled with both her children- ……you figure it out…pretty simple straight forward stuff.

  • Observer

    Sarah Palin should NEVER be president of the USA – she has no clue how to deal with Hispanic people and African American people because in Alaska there just are not many of either culture living there. She is pro-white, pro-right! This is very sick in the 21st Century.

    Oh and I recently saw Bristol Palin pushing a double stoller with Trig and Tripp and her mother was standing off to the side.

    Double stroller? Why? Because both babies belong to Bristol!!!

  • deb

    OK- so I will have to let the banned-Texan go- finally….and for Carrie- I’ve been trying to get an abortion for a recently rescued pittbull we are trying to place- and I can’t find a vet’s in indiana who can get past their own “DOG-MA” long enought to save the world from 9-12 more species from a socially-inappropriate breed (ask me I know- i have had pittbulls- they have evolved to meet every “friendly/loving” expection of humans but they are maniac’s as regards other animals- a wonderful loving friendly red-nose staffordshire terrior (lg pittbull)I rescued from the pound- brought down a huge deer- on her first walk, and broke the spine of a coyotte- on her second walk, during the two opportunities I could give her to be included with my own “pack”- on the walks my other dogs have done for a decade- I found her a good home in the country)

    Palin Deception website- now new blog- just made two hysterical statements today- in discussing the irony of over the demand for Obama’s birth certificate and “conspiracy of silence” over trig’s missing birth document”, i assumming I can quote:

    “When questions were posed to Obama, he said, “Here, look at my birth certificate. This proves I’m not lying.” When questions were posed to Palin, she said, “Here, look at my knocked up unwed teenage daughter. This proves I’m not lying.”

    “Yes, Obama is president. But if McCain had won, Palin would have been just one malignant melanoma away from the same office.”

    I actually have a lot of sympathy and saddness for Palin’s daughter- used and abused as she was- and I admire her for not loosing the rest of her dignity by going along with her mother’s mantra- You go girl!


  • Carrie

    didn’t she have the kid in december or sumthin? aint that prove he is hers? anyway i am glad she aint the the prez cuz id be leving the united state and then go to cannada or sumthin were at least there peps can see a docter for free! obama is atlest doing that aint he? docters should be free! her dagter bristel shuld have just got the abortien and none of this wuld be hapening

  • deb:
    Your comment ““texan”- the once-banned Texan,” has come up in the past and I am unfamiliar with this person. Actually there are a few Texas I would love to ban, Bush, Rick Perry, Alberto Gonzales, to name a few.

    Palin, I doubt we have heard the last of her. The GOP doesn’t know what to do with her and the base is slipping away. But that shouldn’t stop the GOP from putting her up in 2012. The truth will come out about her.

  • deb

    I don’t know if you are my original “texan”- the once-banned Texan (such a texan state of affairs)- but I must say- you are on-target but I must differ with you on the Michael jackson crap…I once loved him then forsaked him for his pediphilia- then was drawn back to recognize his brillance in his death- I hate him for his violance on children- gawd knows how many victims there were- i think he inherited or absorbed it (i.e as a victum) from his dad- who apparently sexually and/or physically abused all of them. I have worked with sexually abused children and teens and their mothere’s for 30-years. I have learned to know and accept that sexually abused mother’s offer up their daughters on silver platters to pedaphiles. I forgive them- time and again. So, even though I can’t forgive MJ- since he was the actual perp- I did allow myself to celebrate his genuis- for his children and mother if nothing else. His poor daughter haunts me. His son- who was hopefully not- but probably was(he dyed his hair white-blonde for years- but he may not have verbal-memories of it)- had a disconcerning blank look…-they all “anxiously-attached”- NOT a good sign- but they seem realitivly OK and will hopefully have enough TRUE love and support from the likewise damaged jackon sibs to overcome negatives.

    Anyhow- the Sarah Palin saga continues and I will wait for others to do the work to expose her and put her out of the running- BECASUE AS SUNDAY- SHE HAD THE SUPPORT- OF 77% OF THE REPUBLICAN BASE- FOR PRESIDENT. I’d love to leave her alone to drag herself off and lick her wounds- but she is still a threat- not just to the innocoent lives of helpless and defenseless wolves and moose and fish but- but to TRUTH SEEKERS EVERYWHERE. She bought a pregnancy suit- she and her hubby laughted as they thought they could bamboosele the Alaskian and lower 48. NO- she can’t be allowed to get away with it. There are just too many that are playing it straight- and we ahve to honor them- by exposing the crooks.

    I wish this site had spell-check.

  • deb & wcummin3:

    You can talk about any Palin topic you want on this thread. Deception knows no boundaries with Palin. The truth…well that’s about as elusive as Bush having a brain.

    I actually can not believe the media stopped reporting their endless Michael Jackson crap to air Palin’s resignation.

    I’m glad Palin needed the cash and resigned, the republicans have hung onto her hoping she would be on the 2012 ticket. Guess not this stunt just showed how committed she really is.

    Sorry for the delay in responding or not posting much but work does seem to get in the way.

  • deb

    wcummin3: OK, maybe I wasn’t right but this may even be better- as far as showing her true character. I wouldn’t even care if it wasn’t that she came way-to-close to be PRESIDENT! OMG! The american people are scary creatures indeed. Did they learn NOTHING from the half-baked fake-texan Bush? They almost did it again. Left-wingers will never get any rest at this rate.

    ANYHOW- great website!
    PS- the faked-birth-of Trig-website is called its excellent

  • wcummin3

    from: wcummin3
    ADDENDUM to previous comment #486. I am aware that this a thread that is discussing the birth of a child to Sarah Palin, and the cover-up that ensued. In the end, the total truth may not have been in evidence, as all that are privy to this blog of comments is well aware. The last message that I added previously had nothing to do with Trig’s birth, pro or con. I think it may be like trying to kick a dead horse back to life. With that in mind, since I have already strayed from the protocol of the original thread, here’s another snippet of breaking news that may do justice to those who prefer to realize the “dark side of corruption” gets their due, and also puts another piece of the puzzle in place that may help one to understand the resignation of her office.

    Peace and Blessings

  • wcummin3

    from: wcummin3

    I feel that just about everyone has set Sarah Palin and her political egocentricities behind them for the time being. When this story broke on July 2, 2009, CNN reported that she had signed a book deal for millions and that maneuver was causing stress and concern in the Alaska government, and revolt in the citizens ranks there. She claimed to be stepping aside to relieve the conflict of interest. She inked the deal some months ago with the same book company that published Obamas’ “THE AUDACITY OF HOPE”. He earned millions from the move and it was a stepping stone, I think, that anchored his vast popularity. Obviously, there is some underlying strategy regarding service-to-self intent on her part, that prompted the wacky decision. Does anyone know how many State Governors have resigned the office term in order to write a tribute to themselves?

    Peace and Blessings

  • deb

    Sarah Palin….stutterring, rambleing, talking crazy- worse than ususal (so too my spelling)-
    I’ve been absent from my fav website since I left for texas for an internship back in January. I had to leave the Sarah Palin and 911 lies behind as I pursued more tangible things. In the mean time I have discovered Coast-T-Coastam and listen while do my dissertation work at night/morning- what a hoot.


    She lied- the big- really IMMORAL lie-involving the few simple, pure and beautiful parts of life. Why did she lie? For Gawd? For Jesus? No, she lied for POLITICS. She shamed herself, her family and her state. She got exactly what she deserved. But you know what- SHE WILL NEVER SEE it that way. To herself- she will alwasy be the VICTIM of the all the mean left-wingers.

    I love it when I’m right! Now I’ll be waiting for the re-openeing of the 911 invetsigation. And when it’s known- that our goverment- the republicans- bush- screwed his countrymen- he and his cronies will react just like palin- They are the VICTIMS- they are MISUNDERSTOOD- the left-Wingers are after them.

    Happy 4th of July. This s the first time in my adult life that I intend to celebrate. I just put Red-White-Blue ribbions on my lawn ornament (if you have less than 3 you are not necessarily white-trash).

    Gawd save Obama!

  • Anonymous

    HI ALL! I missed my favorite bogg!!!!! Hey Texan- can’t remeber who the “Texan” that was banded was but I research it when i get a chance.
    SO- what did anyone think about the Grta interview with Bristol and child? I think the kid could have been born in late Januaray- and since there are no dated pictures prior to the interview- makes me REALLY belive it. I read anotehr bogg today that was dicussing the Alaskan local papers investigation of the first fake birth- they were just trying to debunk it “once and for all” but all- they couldn’t find ONE SINGLE thing that allow them to do so. The delivering MD has still noit been heard from and the team-palin is unable to cme up with ANY evidecnen the birth happened like they said it did. Brings to mind the problem with the 911-story- and I still challeneg you SHOW ME ONE PICTURE OF AN AIRPLANE CRASHED INTO THE PHENTAGON AND I WILL BELIVE IT- THE ONLY THING CAPTURED ON SUVILLANCE TAPE WAS A “MISSLE”. Anyhow- I ams till waitng for one alaskian with balls to give us the inside story.
    Take care all- tell me meet again!

  • Hey JR:
    Nice to see you again.

    Well said! Living in the shadows and under the cover of deception is a fine art for the GOP. Palin and the rest of the GOP clowns will continue to live in their delusional world.

  • The ‘tards were frothing at the mouth about Barack Obama’s citizenship just a little while ago, so I think it’s time to remind them all of something.

    There is, indisputably, more public evidence available about Barack Obama’s citizenship than there is about Trig Palin’s parentage. Now the mouth-breathers can go on pretending all they want to, but there’s something fishy as hell here, and it could be addressed in 10 seconds by Caribou Barbie, if she chose to do so-or if she is ABLE to do so. I have known a lot of women who have given birth, and they all agree-as in, 100%-that there is no way in hell that they’d be continuing on their merry ways for somewhere around 12 hours after their water broke. You go to an ER after that, not to an airplane. Whether or not the baby is Bristol’s, there’s a strong body of anecdotal evidence that says who his mom is NOT. I do not profess to know all of the details-maybe Barbie is a beard for Bristol, and maybe she’s not. But she’s almost certainly hiding something.

    I also agree with the sentiment that she’s used that baby as a stage prop. Go back through the pictures of her at gatherings, and note how she holds the child. It is in the same manner that you or I might hold a gallon of milk, or a 6-pack of beer. No warmth.

  • frank burns

    Who is to say that the birth has actually taken place? Every news report is based on statements by Sarah, her aunt, or governor Palin’s press office. If Bristol was less than 5 months old in August, the old rumors still stand. If in the future photos appear of Tripp, how can they be dated?

  • Mimi

    Well, I am not sure if you guys realize this or not, but Trig Palin was born April 18, 2008. So at the time of Sarah Palin being nominated for VP spot by McCain, she would have already given birth. And I did find a picture of Sarah Palin making a speech and she did look like she was going to have a baby.

    Here is the web site that has that picture:

    She did look big in the above picture and it taken February 26, 2008.

    And there was an artical in May of 2008 about Trig’s down syndrome, I think it was some sort of medical journal.

    If you don’t belive me, look it up yourselves.

  • can'ttakeitanymore

    ps … the fact that I don’t like being lied to and cheated out of an election doesn’t make me the “bottom of the barrell”. I’m pissed that I had NO CHOICE in the election. Since not voting for Palin/McCain was a no brainer .. that left only one other, which is the same as no choice, whether Obama is decent or not. Still no choice!

  • can'ttakeitanymore

    me either,
    Where were YOU during the campaigning up to the election starting about Sept first when Mrs. Palin threw her daughter under the bus by announcing to the whole world she was pregnant just to support her supposed pregnancy? Where were you when she dragged her children on stage, carrying Trig around like a sack of potatoes just for appearances? She should have NEVER told the world her daughter was pregnant .. Palin was probably just a little embarrassed at the weight her daughter was showing and HAD to explain it for her own embarrasment purposes. She is nothing but a liar and a fake and a woman who abuses her children .. takes them out of school and makes them take care of HER supposed child Trig. They are nothing but her slaves and it makes me sick to think about it. YEAH, you HEARD Bristol had given birth. But you have not SEEN s**t. You believe everything you are told. Proof has not been delivered. I am still waiting. ps I don’t give a cr*p about celebrity babies so you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • me either

    I couldn’t help but choke on my spit when I read that Bristol had given birth. I was like, wonder what the folks in the land of conspiracy theories will come up with now that there is no “miscarriage” to aid their plot that Bristol was never really pregnant. Now I know…you guys still think there is no baby! And all because they wanted it to be a “private matter”. You guys never seem to blow up the blogging world when the Pitt-Jolies have yet another kid and want it to be a “private matter” (only after which they sell the first photos for ungodly amounts of money), or where are you when every other celebrity wants the birth of their children to not be blasted all over creation??? Maybe one of you will secretly get a job as their nanny so you can secretly do a dna test and write your tell-all bio.

    Also, whoever had the audacity to even question the death of the young Travolta son has absolutely no decency. Thank you for affirming that the far liberal-left really is the bottom of the barrel. Happy 2009 folks!

  • can'ttakeitanymore

    Hey all,
    Just because they say there is a baby DOES NOT MEAN there is a baby. It really irritates me when people discuss the ability or non-ability to get pregnant so shortly after having a baby, when in this case there is no proof that a second baby was born except what the media tells us. To me it seems highly unlikely that there are two babies in this family, and least of all likley that Bristol would be the mother of two babies in a row. Until we see mama Sarah and mama Bristol walking their babies together, I will not believe it for one second. Why do you think they wanted to keep the baby a “private matter”? Because there is no baby! Why do you think only People Mag got the scoop???? And it wasn’t until Sarah was so harrassed by questions that she finally had to speak about it. Sarah wants attention all the time and now this is private? Liars Liars Liars!

  • Deb:
    Sorry but I forgot to address being banned…no that is not me. Where was this “texan” banned.

  • Deb:
    LOL….no I was born and raised in NYC and have lived in Texas for most of my adult life. And, I am welcome in both states. Unlike some carpetbaggers who will be returning to Texas real soon. YUCK!

    WT indeed! And the second banana in WT, Joe the Plumber, is now a correspondent for WNWO-TV in Toledo, Ohio an NBC affiliate. Give me a freaking break.

    Fighting arrogance and ignorance is an endless battle.

    Welcome to Texas. The food is great, the people are friendly and the weather is superb.

  • deb

    nytexan: THANKS! are you the “texan” that was banned a while back? must not be- I was a sad about that- hate it when homegirls/boys can’t stay in line. I’m a texan- raised in Conn. Can’t really conger up any Levi-mom-drug-connection with this particular conspiracy theory. Wish I could- but it’s just not happen-ing….I think that’s just a “white-trash”(WT)boring addendum (and I am a WT decendend of a long line of WT immgrants). The John Travalta “event” (the mayor of Okala’s term) is much more significant but boring as well- I do actually think they probably did it but who cares- killing bothersome “loved ones” in the bahamas is part of american history……..on-the-other-hand- thinking you can be the VP runningmate in the USA and thinking you can cover-up a teen pregnacy- by faking it as your own- then following it thru when the little darling lets you know what she thinks about you covering up her “cry fo help” by getting pregant again (with one that “works”)- that totally pisses me off…….arrogance is just somehting that needs to be fought against- relentlessly…….like the billion-dollar swindeler- are you kidding me- he’s not going to have his bond revoked after he sent a BILLION dollars woth of assets to rich relatives? No- the answer is no- just like moose/wolf/anylegalvictim killer Sarah Palan- she is going to get away with this huge WT FARCE……but I can at least blogg against it when I have a few moments- doesn’t really lower my cortisone levels……..but is superfically useful………

    I’m off to Texas for a month- I’ll enjoy what will hopfully be mild weather for you nytexan!

  • deb:
    LOL….actually I was able to read your statement with great ease.

    Personally I become very irritated when a post or discussion thread becomes an english/grammar class for some. Focusing on someone’s error seems to be the great American pastime.

    On another note…..What about Levi’s mom crack thing going on in her house. Think that has anything to do with Trig or the newborn. Just saying.

  • deb

    If this is all about typo’s maybe someone could add a little “spellcheck” device for the OCD’s. I’m not the least bit concernned nor do i make any effort to spell each word properly- i’m dyslexic, i’m always tired when i have the two seconds to blogg and inveribly (sp) one o anothe of my keyboad keys are sticking (today’s it the ” “)

    “Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe. ceehiro.”

    Thanks for worrying about my thesis tho………..

    I’m waiting to hea fom D . Chalie- where is he? hopfully crazie didn’t drive him away……….

  • Miss Elaine

    Sheesh! I know what ‘exude’ means! I was commenting on the typo in Neutral Party’s sentence since she commented on Deb’s typos. That sentence should read ” …you are exuding bad karma, lady.” As it is, it states that a “bad karma lady” was exuded. Oh, never mind. It was supposed to be a joke.

  • Webster

    Ah Miss Elaine: exude : to display conspicuously or abundantly

  • Miss Elaine

    Yeah, I am sure Deb puts the same amount of time and care into her thesis as she does when she writes three-liners on a blog site like this. Also, what does a “bad karma lady” look like when it has been exuded? (pot to kettle alert)

  • Neutral Party

    Slow down and take a deep breath, you are exuding bad karma lady. Spend a little more time spell checking because if your thesis has as many typos as your posts on this website it is never going to be accepted.

  • deb

    I can add: ohhh so sorry…i lied- I hate tto be the one to tell you- if you are in denial or jus a liar- you are NOT a democrat- at the VERy VERY best your an “UNDECIDED”, which is just a pissed off (again some indication of the need for EPO- and after reading a few more of your learned and well researched jewels, I need to broaded my recommendations: PROZAC)Republican. Demo’s- especially blogging demos- do not “automatically” believe statements like “full-term”- especially when they are provded by hospitals and alaskan medical ppl that have already been semi-proved to lie, cheat and probably steal…………

  • deb

    I can add; ON more thing- the last i promise- i’ve wasted way to much energy on you already- but I appreciate Dr. Charles and did it in defence of him…..has it ever crossed your staus quo mind inflexible mind that TRIP- who has been a BIG TRIP by the way- might not be as FULL-TERM as you have apparenty swallowed hook-line-and sinker- …i think you are out of your league and need to get back to the cogntive and affective safety of rush and morning joe….have a good year!

  • deb

    I can add: Oh, I just saw your previous comment- you are testy arn’t you- EPO might help- but if your a REAL MD you’ll be too stupid to figure that out since you dorks don’t even study nutrition- dispite handing out your advice on it at every opportunity- sick with whatever little peek-hole of medicine you “practice” and save the rest of us your practicing outside of you competency- that’s a license buster!

  • deb

    KAY: it actually has a name- or term- “Irish twins”.happens ALL the time- especially with the first child is the wrong sex or somehing is wrong with it- a self-esteem buster- effort to regain emotional homostais…….notice how Trig looks identical to his daddy…i got a pain in my heart when heard him claim his more-perfect child and anticipate engaging with him in nature- murdering animals………..a real tear jerker

  • deb

    I can add: why don’t you concentrate your energy on verifying the proof of the “miracle” birth- for those of us out here that just wanted the minimum- rather than threatening truth seekers…

  • deb

    wcumming3: you thought wrong- partly- it’s being discussed because we are routinely lied to and spun and when you can grab onto somehting this transparent it becuase a torch………….

  • deb

    Neutral Party: or not!

  • deb

    Miss Elaine: DITTO (I don’t have a neuroscience PhD but I almost have a psychology one and I just want to know to settle it too- and to show the lying bastards/spinners/FOX they can’t always get away with it)!

  • Inquring minds

    I was curious to see if there was any sanctions on Palin’s doctor based on decisions that appeared questionable and the complaint filed by Dr. Charles so I went to the Alaska Board of Medicine website, here’s the link:

    As of 12/12 2008 no disciplinary actions against here this year.

  • Miss Elaine

    Wow, I just read that link from the “neutral” party. I don’t think I have ever been called a tin-foil hat wearer! That’s pretty awesome. That site is clearly biased against “left liberals”, and if you don’t see that, then, well, I guess Fox news is fair and balanced in your eyes as well. I once thought this whole thing was ridiculous and only read some of the websites for a laugh, but, what I found was pretty compelling. Especially when the sites and pictures were rapidly disappearing. I mentioned that I wrote one hoster who took her site down due to conclusive evidence that Trig was indeed Sarah’s. She said she was not coerced to take the site down. I emailed her happy to hear of the evidence to settle it, and guess what, she said there wasn’t any. I’m a critical thinker and still don’t know what happened here. All the evidence leads one way, and then the only thing Palin had to offer was shaky hearsay. So, I still doubt Trig is Sarah’s. Does it matter now? Not really, but I still kind of want to know just to settle it. I don’t know if “I can add” has read through all the postings, probably not and a lot of the sites have been removed, but maybe if she had, she might wonder as well. But, there is no reason for this person to be rude. I don’t have an MD, but I have a PhD in neuroscience, but I suppose “I can add” will want to call me out on that as well. Oh well.

  • I can add

    Let’s start with YOUR name and address “Dr. Charles” You sure have lots of free time on your hands to post for a busy doctor. Oh and here is a post of yours from September
    “Dr. Charles:
    September 20th, 2008 at 12:34 pm

    I have filed the report with the Board of Medicine for Palin’s doctor ethical breach…maybe this will open the medical files and the truth is released.. will keep you inform.”

    Would you like to go into the details of the “report” you filed with the Board of Medicine in Alaska? Are you certain you filed it? Careful now, this is an area I know A LOT about.
    Here’s a link to an article you might want to read:

    Did you know Palin labor was induced before you filed your report?

  • wcummin3

    I was under the impression that the issues being discussed here were relevant only because the accused was running for one of the highest political positions in the land, and the public needed disclosure in order to make an historic decision. Since that decision has been rendered and the election is thankfully over, only the one who is pure of heart should cast the first stone, and when that stone is cast, they are no longer pure of heart. Most folks have committed indiscretions during their lives that would wilt under close scrutiny by others, some, more serious than others,and Everyone receives the fruit of their endeavors. There is no escape. The news and details of Bristol Palin giving birth is a personal family matter. Would you trade places with her? Anything other than leaving her alone would seem to be an exploitative vendetta with a hidden service-to-self intent.

    An Opinion…
    Peace and Blessings

  • kay

    i have a friend that had her daughters 9 months apart, she got pregnant right after having the first kid, so if she didn’t ovulate till a month later, does that mean the first kid isn’t hers either???? and who’s to say Trig was born 3 weeks early, other than the Palin’s, and who’s to say Tripp was full term and not born early, probably the Palin’s too! it has only been 8.5 months since Trig was born, they could both be hers.

  • Dr Charles

    I would like to have your name and address. What was just stated was incorrect and intentional false with respect to my MD degree. We can settle this in court. Please retract your comment about me not having a medical lic..

  • I can add

    Dear Dr Charles
    You are a liar and no PHYSICIAN. I do have a medical degree. This is not Bristol’s second child, date of conception would have been mid to late March for this FULL TERM baby, correct? Oh but wait, you think this baby was conceived 21 days after April 18th or on ~ May 8th and was born after 35 weeks of pregnancy weighing in at 7 lb 4 oz?! Wow, this would have been one HUGE full term baby. I suppose it is also just a coincidence that it was announced in the beginning of September that Bristol was 5 months pregnant and she gave birth 4 months later. Recheck your math “Dr. Charles”.