Obama-maniacs Accused Of The “S” Word, Cyber Attacks, etc.

Blog Shutdowns: Spam Attack Came from barackobama.com

At least one of the attacks in the latest wave of blog shutdowns this past week came from IPs assigned to barackobama.com.

We have reported twice in the last two weeks about the attacks on anti-Obama websites. [“Google, Blogger, Obama: Obamanation Shut Down My Blog!”]] & [BabbaZee’s “Anti-Obama Blogs Shut Down by Google, Obamabots“]

Speculation on who was behind the attacks has ranged from “Obama supporters” to “it’s no one, just a glitch” “to “it’s a browser problem”. [Site Meter causing Internet Explorer failure ]. This latter is a completely different issue from the blogs that got shut down by Google/Blogger.

A few liberal blogs and Instapundit have reported there is no connection between this latest wave of blog shutdowns and the Obama camp.

Speculation can now be set aside–at least, in one instance.

We came across this post by MacRanger at MacsMind [Macsmind Hacking UPDATE] yesterday, where Mac presents “one fact that can’t be explained away”.

Politics can be very nasty.  Right and Left wing bloggers are doing everything they can to demonize the “other side”.  Creating a spam shutdown, of a political blog, will always pount the accusing finger at their opponent. Right now, Barack-Omaniacs may be behind this spam invasion, but, then again, maybe this is another manufactured insult.  Reverse attacks are a great strategy. The surface image is designed to paint an evil face on Obama-maniacs. For those who are too lazy to peek beneath the surface, this is a no-brainer … Barack is evil.  McCain, has morphed into an angel. OH! PULEEEZE!

GIVE THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES A REST, PLEASE: I mentioned earlier that the Insta-Wife has been locked out of her blog by Blogger. That’s happened to a lot of other people, and it’s given rise to various theories that it’s an anti-left, anti-right, even anti-catholic blog campaign. I think, though, that it’s just a Google glitch, and that people think that blogs like theirs are disproportionately affected because those are the blogs they read. Anyway, I’d advise not getting carried away.

Site Meter causing Internet Explorer failure

This is the official cause for these site failures … who will you believe?

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  • Blue Girl Red State had previous issues with Blogger anyway. This last was the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ and she set up a new site on SoapBlox.
    It was also reported Information Clearing House’s Tom Feeley has endured home invasion, public harassment, death threats and threats to his family by seeming government agents because of his blog index.

  • You should see some of the email I get from angry PUMA members for supporting Obama.

    They’re totally off the hook.

  • Thanks Christopher, this is where political warfare has taken us. Packs of cyber-hoodlums are loose and roaming at will, from both sides. Neither side has the will to curb their more exuberant followers. I guess that’s because they secretly endorse it. 😉

  • This smells of the PUMA kooks.

    They’re traveling in packs these days and engaging in internet wilding (BossKitty, as a former New Yorker will know the term).

    I know several pro-Obama bloggers who have seen their SPAM hits go up 100-fold and they were traced back to PUMA sites.

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