Sarah Palin’s Vetting Problem.

Guest Post from Alaska: akmuckraker of Mudflats

On my first post that surreal morning when I awoke to the news of Sarah Palin’s unlikely choice as VP candidate, before I had even made a cup of coffee, or rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, I said, “Didn’t McCain hire a fact checker?” […]

John McCain’s Wandering Eyes

Cindy McCain; Palin Has National Security Experience Because Alaska Is Near Russia

Someone please wake me up from this hilarious nightmare named Sarah Palin. I haven’t been so entertained by the GOP in years. Every article just gets better and better. I glad McCain took his show in the road. As the McCain campaign staff cobbles together talking point on Palin, Cindy McCain appears on […]

Hey McCain, Sarah Palin Could Face Impeachment As Governor

During the Bush administration we took eight long years of one GOP scandal after another. And now, the new kid on the block, Sarah Palin, brings her own scandal. Not only does she bring a scandal under investigation known as “troopergate” but she can actually be impeached. What’s with the GOP do they […]

Palin’s Mother-In-Law Not Sure What She Brings To The Ticket

As we go through life and events happen to us good or bad it’s always nice to have people who know us best support us. It’s very telling that Sarah Palin’s abilities as vice president are questioned by her mother-in-law Faye Palin. To make matters worse for Sarah, her mother-in-law doesn’t know what […]

Trig Palin, Who’s Yo’ Mama – Sarah or Bristol


With the announcement that Bristol is indeed pregnant (posted at the bottom) this blog will not be posted this topic again.

Obama on Palin

Politico’s Carrie Budoff Brown reports: At a press avail in Monroe, Mich., Barack Obama on Palin: “Back […]

PUMA, Was It Ever About Hillary Clinton

As I surf the web, I am stunned at the amount of support John McCain is getting for picking Sarah Palin. I’m not surprised by Alaskans, Republicans, or even people on the fence, who support this move. I am truly stunned at the treachery of PUMA support.

As I read some of the […]

PUMAs Will Jump On This – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

the smoke signals from the Republican Party are spelling out the name of Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson […]

GOP Could Delay Convention If Gustav Hits

It’s unfortunate the GOP delegates may have to reschedule their trip. Cancel hotels, air lines and not to mention time off of work. It’s apparent the GOP, when scheduling their convention, never looked at the calender to notice it was the third anniversary of Katrina, that alone is disrespectful. So I guess the […]

Obama Accepts Nomination

Obama’s speech was truly amazing and he takes the gloves off. For everyone who doesn’t know who Obama is this speech will bring it home. For me, I got who this man is in 2004, when I heard him speak at the Democratic Convention.

The speech is worth every minute so kick back […]