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Hurricane Dolly vs Texas Border Wall

This image speaks more to the insanity of building a fence along the Texas border with Mexico.

This wall project has more “un-intended” consequences than have been seriously studied.

If you consider the human factor in this region, the resources for assistance is uneven. The further north this damage goes, the further away from resources. The coast for both countries is well covered. But, as population thins as you move north, resources also thin out. DHS has it’s Border Wall project that will cause more grief than safety.

Speaking about safety, how will DHS handle relief efforts? A Category One Hurricane is not the beast of past storms … UNLESS it hits at the mouth of a major river. The Rio Grande River can be a monster when flooding starts from the North … But when a storm surge starts from the mouth of the river, you will see major flooding and destruction. The infrastructure on the Mexico side will be hard pressed to attend the consequences. History has demonstrated the cost. The Border Wall will be its own monster when the hurricane passes.

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