Wu Wu Jones Texas Delegate

The Wu-dog, Bexar County Democrats mascot

Texans do love their dogs, but Wu Wu Jones is no ordinary K-9, Wu Wu is a political animal. Being the true democrat that she is, Wu Wu is at the 2008 Texas State Democratic Convention making her voice and opinions heard.

As Steve Walker in his blog Walker Report explains “Wu is an enigma. She has a nose for Democrats and wherever her owners Charlie and Linda Jones attend a Democratic function, you can bet she is there as well sniffing out Republicans.”

  • Most Democrats in Bexar County claim to be bona fide Yellow Dog Democrats. By definition a Yellow Dog is an extremely loyal and usually liberal Democrat who would vote for a Yellow Dog before crossing the line to vote for a right-wing Republican.
  • A few of us claim the more conservative route and proclaim ourselves Blue Dog Democrats because we tend to be more fiscally conservative and more liberal in social issues. Blue Dogs tend to be accused of being Republicanesque in their outlook on issues.
  • But somewhere in between we now have what we call the Wu-Dog Democrat. Many of you have seen and even interacted with “the Wu” as she is affectionately called.
  • Although Wu is literally a dog, (as you can attest from the photo) she is highly political and has attended more political events than most dyed-in-the-wool Democrats. You have seen her at the CEC meetings, the Tejano Democrats meetings, the Northeast and Northwest Democrats meetings and on and on.
  • Wu has traveled to Austin, the state convention and all parts of Texas helping spread the Democratic doctrine. You get the picture.

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